Week 9 Spelling and News

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Dear Parents and Children,

A full week of learning and fun has passed in the year 2/3 Johannesburg class as the end of term 2 edges closer. This week we celebrated International Book Day by dressing up as our favourite literary characters and just sitting and enjoying a good book. Thank you to the PTA whose generous gifts made that possible. The children really showed their creativity in their costume designs.



In English we completed our class book “Meerkat Mail”. We made summaries of the story and consolidated our short writing learning by crafting letters, postcards and emails. I am so proud of the students for writing thank you emails to the PTA during our ITC class. They also learned how to create and attach an image to an email. Well done! In grammar we learned about homophones and words that sound alike.



In Math we continued learning about money, focusing on different currencies. We learned about US Dollars and Korean Won. The students enjoyed playing with imitation versions of the different currencies as they learned to add the different coin amounts and practiced their place values up to 5 digits.



We continued learning about forces in IPC completing an experiment regarding friction and different surfaces. I look forward to completing more experiments next week.



In P.E we continued learning indoor and outdoor invasion games by learning basketball and games associated with football. The children had fun playing “Jail Break” and “Beanbag tag” while getting exercise.



That is all for this week. I look forward to seeing their crazy pajamas outfits next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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