International Week post

Dear Parents and Children,

What a fantastic celebration of the International community that makes up HFS this week has been. The students worked hard making their presentations and the feast that the parents prepared was a just reward. It was a successful and enjoyable day, thank you and well done to all.


In other learning, we refined our letter writing skills in English and learned about homophones – words that sound similar but are spelled differently. In Math we continued working with fractions applying our knowledge to money and word problems.



We completed our IPC unit “Freeze It” by making delicious grape and orange jelly and strawberry milk ice-lollies. It was a fun way to end the unit on different states of matter. We also began our new unit on “Forces” with an entertaining display of tug-of-war from Mr. Choi and Mr. Kearney. It was the perfect way to examine push and pull forces. I look forward to exploring these further in the coming weeks.



The International Day festivities were a great success. The students enjoyed sampling the wondrous variety of dishes put out by the parents, thank you again for preparing such a fantastic feast. The students really put everything into their presentations and it showed. Well done to all of them.


I look forward to celebrating International Book Day on Thursday 7th March. The fun and learning never ends at HFS.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful extended weekend. There is no homework or spelling this week so please enjoy the holiday.

Mr. Kearney

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