Week 6 Spelling and News

Year 2 Spelling: solid liquid matter fraction equivalent great tell men say small

Year 3 Spelling: solid liquid matter fraction equivalent increase important interest island knowledge

Dear Parents and Children,

A full week has passed us by in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class and there is much to talk about.

We began the week by putting on an excellent display of science and the school value of respect, showing off our understanding of static and current electricity in our assembly.



In English we consolidated our learning of traditional tales from other countries by creating our own witch character and starting to type our own witch story. We also reviewed our understanding of direct and indirect speech and how to use speech marks. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making cards for those for whom we care. I was delighted to receive a few, it is really sweet and touching.

In math we started looking at fractions, learning about equivalent fractions and comparing different fractions. The students made their own fraction walls for our class display. We had fun in P.E. learning different “invasion” and “territory” games, playing mat-ball and “guard the pin”. The weather was chilly so we made use of our fantastic gymnasium.


Our new IPC unit is called “Freeze it” and we are looking at different states of matter. The students had fun enacting the behavior that particles make in solids, liquids and gases. They then made wonderful displays explaining this behavior. We saw first-hand how matter changes by looking at water changing from ice to liquid to gas and we conducted a “cool” experiment with chocolate to see if we could melt it and reverse that state or not. I look forward to performing more experiments next week.


What a full week of fun and learning. I look forward to next week when we will go on our school trip to the Busan National Science museum on Thursday 21 February.

Enjoy the picture below of your children having fun learning and do have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kearney

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