Week 5 – Art gallery trip, Assembly and trip to Busan National Science museum

Dear Parents and Children,

Since this was a short and special week there will be no spelling and the only homework will be to study and practice the words to our “Electricity Song” for our assembly on Monday. Click here for a printout of the lyrics. Please join us for an illuminating and interactive display of what the students have been learning about in IPC.

The students enjoyed a short but busy week where they practiced their hopping, jumping and balancing locomotor skills in P.E. We also prepared to conduct our assembly on Monday and we hope to see you there. The students always enjoy putting their work on display for their parents so if you would like to attend be at the hall by 1: 30 pm for an entertaining presentation



We completed our IPC unit on Electricity by making actual functioning “buzzer” games. The students worked diligently and meticulously piecing all the parts of the circuit together. Well Done to all of them.


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The trip to the art gallery was informative and the students enjoyed seeing different styles of graffiti art on display. We are so fortunate to have such a valuable resource that we can take advantage of so close by. Stay tuned for updates on how the students will apply what they have learned from the experience to making a similar art work.


Our next class trip will be to the Busan National Science Museum on Thursday 21st February. It will be a full-day trip but we will return to the school by 3:30 pm so after-school club activities will not be affected on the day. It will be great for the students to learn about forces and states of matter for their upcoming IPC units and if you have not completed the online permission form please do so by clicking here and submitting your response by Friday February 15th.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney


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