Week 4 News, Spelling and Seollal Break

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Dear Parents and Children,

I can’t believe that we are almost half way through term two and what a fantastic week we have had in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class.

The highlight was unquestionably the Seollal festivities on Wednesday. It was a smart decision to celebrate early due to the sudden sprinkling of snow that brought a chill on Thursday and Friday. The students looked dazzling as always in their Hanboks and traditional outfits as they performed Gatchi-Gatchi Seollarun in the assembly. They made such nice wishes for our “wishing tree” and enjoyed playing games and flying their kites from art class. It is an important and rewarding experience to celebrate such significant cultural traditions.




In other learning, we concocted our own delightfully disgusting witches’ recipes in English and reviewed using speech marks for direct speech in grammar. In math we learned strategies for adding and subtracting pairs of 2-digit numbers and applied that to word problems using the RUCSAC method. We helped out the F1-Y1 students with their counting  and in IPC we continued exploring current electricity, learning about conducting a fair test as we constructed series circuits. The students also researched significant figures in the history of electricity and constructed a timeline to show it.



Next week we will make our electrical game projects so please send a shoe box as in the picture below or similar with your child to class in order for them to complete the project.



On Friday 8 February we will be going to the HHI art gallery to view the graffiti exhibition. The trip will be short, taking place from 1:30 to 3:00 pm but please complete the online permission form by clicking here to allow your child to attend.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful Seollal break.

Mr. Kearney

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