Week 3 Update and Spelling words

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Spelling Year 3: circuit conduct current recipe digit towards group guard guide grammar

Dear Parents and Children

Our star of the week this week is for curiosity and what a full week of inquiry we have had. After showing thorough understanding of being safe around electricity, the students enjoyed learning about current electricity, making completed circuits with light bulbs and motors. They also explored the history of electricity and learned how it is generated and the path it follows to get to their home.



In English we consolidated our understanding of the verb tenses by converting a passage from “Hansel and Gretel” into the past tense. We also started looking at our class reader “The Worst Witch”, making comparative character profiles with Mildred Hubble and Bony Legs from Baba Yaga. In Math the year 2 students worked on subtracting from 2 and 3 digit numbers and began looking at solving word problems using the RUCSAC method while The year 3’s looked at more complicated multi-step word problems. We continued practicing our locomotor dribbling skills in P.E. with “Steal the ball” games.

The highlight of the week was our fire safety inspection drill, which the students completed calmly and with precision. Well done to them.

I look forward to next week when we will be building our own electrical circuit buzzer projects. you will need to provide a shoe box and lid similar to the one pictured below. Please send them to school next week with your child.


Also, remember that on Wednesday 30 January we will have our Seollal celebrations. We encourage you to let your child wear traditional clothing from Korea or your home country for the day. Join us from 1:30 pm to be a part of the festivities.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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