Term 2 Week 2 News and Spelling

Spelling words year 2: predict electricity second static third such take here why things

Spelling words year 3: predict electricity second static third experience extreme famous favourite February

Dear Parents and Children,

What a full and entertaining week of learning and discovery we have had. The highlight of which was clearly the Silly Hat Day. The students did well in being insanely creative in their hat designs and we all had a great time making silly hats in class to wear on the day.


In other learning we continued our IPC unit “Bright Sparks” with an exploration of static electricity. The students were positively charged as they completed experiments with balloons and household items to generate static electricity. Next week we will look at the history and development of current electricity and have fun making circuits.


In English we explored a variation of a traditional tale from another country and compared the differences and similarities of the stories we have been reading.  In grammar we looked at regular and irregular verbs in the past-simple tense. In math we learned about ordinal numbers and how to add by bridging to multiples of 10 and learned a clever way to quickly calculate multiples of 9. Ask your child to show you. Finally, Please ensure that your child practices their spelling words for the weekly test.

We continued to practice our footwork locomotor skills in P.E this week with some fun dribbling games and we learned a new song about electricity for music. The  Scholastic catalogues went home today. Please place your orders by the 10th of February.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kearney


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