Week 15 News and Spelling

Year 2 Spelling: scene compare simile like estimate does part even place well

Year 3 Spelling:  scene compare simile like estimate early earth eight enough exercise

Dear Parents and Children

We have reached the final week of term one and the students have been as busy as bees this week.

We were very happy to have so many guests participate in our open day on Monday. Thank you for taking the time to see what we are doing in our lessons at HFS. I hope It was an informative and enriching experience learning to make moving images for our “Zoetrope”.

We have rehearsed our songs and dances for the Winter show and the students are excited to perform for you on Monday. Do join us at 6pm for a magical evening of entertainment and please ensure that your child rehearses their part this weekend for the show. Please remember that the color code is red and white and send a pair of toy sunglasses to school on Monday for our dress rehearsal.


Progress Reports went home with your students today. Please ask them and check their bags to ensure that you receive their progress report for the term.

In class this week the students learned about similes and used them to start writing sense poems imagining if they had wings.


In Math this week we continued to learn about measuring, focusing on temperature and introducing the children to negative numbers. The students were happy to get their hands on thermometers to measure hot and cold substances.


We also made wonderful Christmas tree ornaments  for the arts and craft stall at the winter Show, do purchase one to support the PTA. In IPC we continued to explore sound looking at how sound travels from its source to our ears and brains by playing with wire-cup telephones.


Please remember to sign up for the parent teacher conferences on Wednesday 12 December. The sign-up sheet is at the admin offices and should be completed by Tuesday 11 December.

That is all for this week. Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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