Week 14 update, Spelling Words and Winter Show Costumes

Year 2 spelling: heavier lighter longer shorter hear work there word must because

Year 3 spelling: heavier lighter longer shorter hear decide describe different difficult disappear

Dear Parents and Children,

We have completed week 14 of our term and the upcoming Winter Show is almost upon us. We would like to keep the costumes simple yet festive so the students should wear basic warm, red and white clothes – red pants and a white long-sleeve shirt for their class recital. (The image below is a guide and the tie and mustache are  not required). We will provide Santa Hats for everybody but the students should wear a pair of cheap toy sunglasses.  Students who are playing the part of skeletons in the play (Jeremy, Cortney, Rana, Juveria, Nikolay, Seongyun and Cherry Blossom) should wear black long-sleeve shirts, black pants and black socks and change into their red and white clothes during the interval.

Christmas outfit

 In class this week the students were very busy.  We practiced our descriptive writing by using adjectives to improve sentences and started looking at play scripts, linking with our IPC unit “Turn it up”  by learning the art of Foley (creating sounds for films and plays) and sound design to create entertaining recordings with sound effects.



In Math we continued our section on measurement by reviewing units of measurement for length, weight and capacity and the correct terminology associated with each one.


In P.E the students continued working on their hockey striking and passing and are getting good at cricket.  We were also fortunate to have a visit from the FS1/2/Y1 students showing us the book that they made. It has been a fun week of practical learning.

That is all for now, Have a great weekend and I hope to see you at the HFS Open Day on Monday.

Mr. Kearney

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