Week 13 News and Winter Show Song Lyrics

Dear Parents and Children,

It has been a full week of learning and fun in the HFS classroom.  The students commemorated Children’s day and learned about their Universal Children’s Rights. They made fantastic hand posters for our display.


We have started rehearsing for our upcoming Winter show and the students completed an exciting project about sound for our IPC unit, “Turn it up”. We learned about the art of Foley and making sound effects. The students performed a live dub to an hilarious scene from the “Captain Underpants” movie.  We will post that to our Class  Dojo page soon.


In English we started looking at poems about our senses, taking advantage of the chilly weather to have a sensory poetry walk around the school grounds to write descriptions of what we saw, heard, felt and smelled.


In P.E. we continued learning about striking games by practicing hockey in the gymnasium since it was a little chilly. In Math we started our unit on measurement by looking at units of time and how to tell and write the time with the phrases “past” and “to” and “quarter” and “half”. Be sure to let your child practice telling the time at home.


There are no spelling words this week but rather let the students practice their winter show songs which can be found by clicking here for the year 2 “Aladdin” song and here for the year 3 song. The lyrics to the class song “Arabian Nights” can be found by clicking here.

That is all for this week. Have a great weekend please and stay warm.

– Mr Kearney.

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