Week 10 Spelling and Update

Year 2 Spelling: day same right look think symmetry instruction explain glossary definition

Year 3 Spelling: build busy business calendar caught symmetry instruction explain glossary definition

Dear Parents and Children,

What an exciting, full week we’ve had in the year 2/3 class. The students outdid themselves in creating a scary, haunted classroom for our Scary Dress-up Day event. They also came dressed in amazing costumes to celebrate the holiday. Despite the fun-filled day we still squeezed in some valuable learning by making 3D pumpkin cube nets and continuing with our geometry exploration of shapes. The students had a blast exploring the activities in each of the classrooms as well as the spooky movie and dancing. A great time was enjoyed by all throughout the day.

In other learning this week the year 2’s practiced putting words into alphabetical order and using dictionaries while the year 3’s learned how to use a thesaurus. In Math we started looking at lines of symmetry in shapes and linked this with ICT where we created our own symmetrical pictures with MS Paint. In P.E. we started playing striking games by learning how to play badminton and we will start looking at baseball and cricket in the coming weeks. In IPC the students thought about their dream job and what doing it every day would entail. This is ahead of the much awaited trip to Kidzania on Thursday 8th November. Please check the class page next week for further details ahead of this planned trip.

Finally, we also celebrated Anna’s birthday on Thursday by making a lovely card. Happy Birthday Anna!

What a busy week! Have a great weekend.


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