Week 6 – News and Shoe-box required for Class Activity

Dear Parents and Children

Welcome back from the Chuseok break to what has been a brief and rainy couple of days in the Year 2/3 class. Despite it being a short week the students showed their mettle by working hard in their learning. In English we completed book reviews and wrote about our wonderful holiday break while also practicing our Greek God rap and creating symbols for our play characters. In Math the year 2’s reviewed adding and subtracting on a number line and using calculations to find the missing number while the year 3’s continued to work with decimals. In IPC we started learning about habitats and how different animals live in different places and in Music we explored how different music can make us feel different emotions. The students had fun practicing their throwing and catching with a Frisbee and learning how to play kick-baseball in P.E. All in all, a very short but productive week.


Next week we will be creating our own habitats and parents are kindly asked to send any regular shoe-box, similar to the one pictured, to school with their child for the activity. We will be doing it on Thursday. It should be a fun activity to consolidate our learning about the world around us.


Also, next week we will begin sending homework and spelling and vocabulary lists home as well as invitations to view your child’s progress in the School Class Dojo reward system. That is all for this week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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