Week 7 News and Spelling


Year 1: red pink orange blue yellow green black white brown purple

Year 2: recount, shapes, properties, polygon, non-fiction, sun, ways, thing, hair, example

Dear Parents and Children,

The end of the term approaches as the learning continues in the year 1/2 class at HFS.

This week the year 1/2 class was very busy preparing and practicing for their upcoming assembly on Monday. They learned a song and choreographed their own dance and in pairs took responsibility for conducting a different part of the assembly, even creating slideshows in Google slides. Join us on Monday for an entertaining presentation of the Year 1/2‘s work.

In English this week the students wrote chronological, non-fiction recounts about the rain storm that happened on Wednesday. They also had the chance to meet my niece, Abigail, via Skype. She showed them the letters that she had received from the class and we had a wonderful trans-continental chat as they asked her questions. In Math we explored 2D and 3D shapes and learned how to identify shapes based on descriptions of their properties. In IPC we continued to look at flowers and insects, the students were lucky enough to see some real mini beasts found from around the compound and their flowers continue to grow as they carefully nurture them. In P.E. we had fun in the sun playing a variety of games with Mr. McCrimmon and Mr. Kearney.

Next week will be a short week with the school being closed on Wednesday 6 June for Memorial day. On Thursday 7 June the school will “Go Green” with a morning trip to Ilsan beach to help take care of and appreciate our  beautiful environment. Children are to bring their snacks and water bottles, wear hats, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and summer clothes. We will return to the school for lunch but more details will follow next week.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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