Week 6 News and Spelling


Year 1: practice “ar”, “or” and “sh” words

Year2: because, try, told, young, left, joining, insert, chrysalis, caterpillar, butterfly

Dear Parents and Children

We hope you enjoyed the sunny weather over the break. We are now half way through term 3 and this was a short but productive week of learning in the year 1- 2 classes.

The student’s lettuce plants continue to grow well. The seedlings have sprouted as the students eagerly nurture their plants. They are documenting their plants growth and creating slideshow presentations to display their progress. They are also observing their light experiments with curiosity. In English we have started writing or drafts of our fantasy stories. We will type them next week. The letters that the students wrote traveled across the world and arrived in South Africa, much to my niece Abigail’s’ excitement and surprise. In Math we continued to apply our multiplication and division skills to solving word problems and in P.E. The students had fun inside on a rainy Wednesday practicing our basketball dribbling, passing and shooting.

As part of their homework, please let your child practice the words to the “life cycle song” for the upcoming year 1-2 assembly. That is all for this short week. Enjoy the photos taken by the students of their fun and learning. Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You


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