Week 3 News and Spelling


Y1: sauce gauze taught caught dawn law yawn saw claw paw

Y2: cycle seedling bud germinate habitat ever paper hard hear sentence

Dear Parents and Children,

An exciting week of learning has passed us by. The children had a fantastic time learning about plants and living creatures on their school trip to the botanical gardens. It was especially fun to see their reactions as they embraced the reptiles.

In English we continued our exploration of fantasy stories looking at setting and creating imaginative locations for our stories to take place in. In Math we reviewed place value up to the thousands and continued to partition numbers into the different values. In IPC we looked at life cycles, beginning with the plant. We showed great care in looking after our plants that we got from the field trip. I hope the plants will continue to be cared for at home.

Well done to the Year 1s for the fantastic and creative assembly about living things and our environment. We enjoyed seeing your germ experiments and had fun creating our life cycle dances.

The sports afternoon was fun and successful. Thank you to the parents who provided the refreshing and healthy snacks. A great time was had by all.

Have a great extended weekend and enjoy the sunny weather.

Mr Kearney,


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