week 2 News and Farewell to Selim

Spelling Year 1: book     food      feet        sheep          light        sight        but   what     all        were      when

Spelling Year 2: Olympics,  food,   keep,   children,   feet,   land,    repeated,   curling,    monitor,   Journal

Dear Parents and Children,

The cold spell has ended and the sunny weather is here for your fun weekend. We bid farewell to Selim and his family as they leave us this week. We wish them all the best luck and happiness in the future. Students kept warm this week by working hard. We have introduced some new procedures for our students to express their creativity. They have been given a reading-review book to keep track of the books they read in their leisure time, which is not compulsory but purely for their pleasure. (They will get a star sticker for every book-review they write.)

In English, we continued rehearsing poems to present in a future assembly. In Maths, we continued multiplication for Year 2 and repeated addition for Year 1. In IPC, we are having fun investigating the Winter Olympics. Please talk about this topic with your children (i.e. Sports your country will participate in, watch the news for any Olympic related events, etc.)

We look forward to starting club activities next week.

Have a great weekend (Be sure to protect yourself if the air quality is poor.)

Mr. Kearney and Ms You


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