Year 1 and Year 2 End of Term Class Party

Dear Parents and Children

The end of term has arrived. We would like to celebrate the children’s success in learning. We are happy with the progress they have made and we will have a combined Year 1 and Year 2 party. On Friday the students should each bring a drink for themselves(not fizzy) and a piece of fruit to share with their friends. We will provide some snacks and biscuits. The teachers have prepared a game and fun activities as well as prizes for those who earned the most “marbles throughout Term 1.

Also, please send home reading books to school to be exchanged on Thursday and if you have not yet sent plastic bottles for our balloon car projects please also send them on Thursday.

Thank you for all your efforts and support you have given us this term. we wish you a happy and joyous festive season. We are looking forward to more dynamic and exciting learning in Term 2.

Thank you,

Ms. You and Mr. Kearney