Well Done, reports, spelling and weekly news


Year 1 will be doing a review of CVC words learned in the last few weeks.

Year 2: Rehearse, Estimate, Height, Taller, Folder, About, Different, Moving, Guess, Before.

Hi Parents and Children

What an eventful week! I’m sure you all enjoyed the fantastic Winter Show! Well done to our teachers and children for their hard work in making the production a success and thank you to the parents for all their support, especially the PTA for the delicious intermission snacks. If you have any photos from the evening that you would like to share please email them to Ms. You or Mr. Kearney and we will post them on the class web page.


Thank you to the men and women of the Fire Department for assisting with our fire drill. The children did well in calmly following instructions to exit the building quickly but in an orderly fashion. As a reward they got to play on the fire truck!

Term 1 Student Reports went home today. Make sure to check your children’s bags, read them, fill in the comments section and sign it in preparation for the parent-teacher interviews on Wednesday.

Next week we will complete our IPC unit on The Magic Toymaker. We will be constructing a balloon car and examining the science of what makes it move. In preparation for this project the students are asked to bring 1 x 500ml plastic bottle of some sort. Any kind will do but the more colorful the better.

Image result for plastic bottle

Even with the Winter Show, students kept busy this week. The students created spectacular moving robot toys in IPC and in English they are writing stories about their toys and in year 2 they learned about contractions. In Math we continued our unit on Measuring, finding creative ways to estimate and measure height and weight and using measurement to draw accurate shapes. We began to explore measuring time, learning the months of the year and how to read a calendar.

In I.C.T the students showed their artistic skills by creating wonderful drawings in MS Paint and in Mr Kearney’s P.E. class we developed our own new game called “Scoot”. Ask your children how to play it. Enjoy the pictures from these week’s dynamic learning activities and events.20171204_100906

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