Changes to the Wizard of Oz Costumes.

Hi Parents and Children

Practices for the Winter Show have been going well. There are a few changes to the lineup that affect the costumes. Please take note of the new costume requirements. Should any parents wish to volunteer to spare some time on Monday afternoon to assist with making costumes it will be greatly appreciated.

Everyone should wear black inner wear and tights.

1.Over the rainbow – All (Year 1 and 2)

Girls: A vivid color top (vest, cardigan or big T-shirt) that is red, orange, yellow or green: (If you are unable to find a plain one it can have a little picture on it)

Red – Juveria,

Yellow – Olivia, Rana

Orange – Anna Luisa, Leila (If you are unable to find orange please wear red or yellow.)

Green – Lois

Green Next Green Cardigan 3-16yrs Buy Style Kids Older Girls - 4915631 6750

Boys: A vivid color top that is blue or navy (If you are unable to find a plain one it can have a little picture on it) and beige or brown trousers (Not jeans):

Blue – Nikolay, Seong Yun, Fawwaz, Rayyan, Prewitt, Affan,

Navy – Satyam, Jeremy, Ameer, Amru, Selim, Rossi, Hidayat, Felix


Pleated Straight-Leg Uniform Khakis for Boys - Rolled Oats

2.We’re off to see the Wizard –  Over the rainbow costumes from the previous song and a scarf and a woolly hat:

Woolly hat and Scarf: Nikolai, Leila, Satyam, Seong Yun, Ameer, Rana, Felix, Prewitt, Anna Luisa, Selim

hat scarf

3.Witch and Magic Monkey –

Witches –  Juveria, Lois, Rayyan, Rossi, Affan- a black witch hat with black gloves – Teachers to make witches hats.

Magic Monkey’s – Fawwaz, Amru, Jeremy, Hidayat – black/brown monkey tail (stuffed sock with cotton or tissues – Teachers to provide)

A wand (We will make in class).

4.We came along – Emerald castle –  All (Year 1 and 2)  – Green felt tie (we make in class).

We would like to have a  the costumes ready for a dress rehearsal on the morning of Wednesday 6 December . 

Thank you for your cooperation and support for what promises to be a fantastic performance.

Have a great evening and keep warm.

Mr Kearney.