Spelling and weekly news

Hi Parents and Children


Year 1: mat, wet, fin, how, mug, (CVC words) or, by, one, had, not, (High frequency words).

Year 2: Weight, metre, gram, cooperate, kilogram, don’t, world, going, want, didn’t

It’s been a wonderful winter week and the students have been busy.  Practices for the Winter Show are in full swing and everyone is learning their parts well getting ready for  Wednesday. It promises to be a fun and entertaining evening. Please use the weekend to get the children’s costumes ready for the rehearsal on Wednesday morning and contact  Ms. You or Mr Kearney if you have any queries.

This week in English we practiced using capital letters for proper nouns.  Some students staged a little play of “Little Red Riding Hood” from their guided reading books and wrote instructions for how to make a Thaumatrope. The children then followed up those instructions and made working Thaumatropes in IPC. We will continue to explore the history and science of toys next week. In Math the children had a lot of fun learning about measuring weight and metres in our measurement unit. We continued our IT learning by making folders on our computers and developing our mouse skills. In P.E the Year 1  / 2 students conducted a game of kick-baseball independently. Well done!

Enjoy the photos from this week, have a wonderful weekend and do keep warm.

Mr Kearney.


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