Farewell Nuha!

A sad end to a chilly week as we bid farewell to Nuha and the Abdul Hadi family. We have enjoyed having Nuha in our class and there were many teary eyes in the Year 1 / 2 class today as we said our goodbyes. She will be sorely missed. We wish Nuha and her family the best luck and happiness as they depart.

20171124_152623 20171124_153217

The spelling for next week:

Year 1: bag bed sit hop hug  (CVC words) be this from I have (High frequency words)

Year 2:  Measure, connect, Order, Longer, Shorter, Show, Large, Often, Together, Asked.

We are starting to feel the Winter chill but kept warm with loads of activities. In English we started creating our own instructions and in Math we did a lot of measuring. I.P.C. was a continuation of “The Magic Toy-maker” unit and in P.E. our Kick-Baseball skills are improving.

In I.P.C. Next week we will be constructing a “moving toy” and children will be required to bring a medium-sized cardboard box similar to the picture shown. Please have them bring one next week.


I’m happy to inform that the I.C.T. learning is up and running again and the children had fun practicing their mouse-handling abilities. Please enjoy the pictures of your children learning, laughing and loving. Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm.

Mr Kearney,

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