Class Update 10/07/2020

Good afternoon everyone, we are nearly at the end of the final term. It is the second to last week.

This week, we have been reading and writing poems about monsters and aliens in literacy. We learned how to use a noun phrase to describe something and prepositional phrases to add more information. By the end of the week, we wrote our own poems using noun phrases and prepositional phrases to describe an alien and it’s planet. Then, we read our poems out loud to the rest of the class.


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In maths, we have been learning about time. This week, we learned how to tell the time to the quarter hour, including quarter past and quarter to. We then learned how to find ‘later than’ and ‘earlier than’ times by counting clockwise and anticlockwise in intervals of one hour, half an hour and three quarters of an hour and used this to help solve problems.

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In IPC this week, we learned how to debug an algorithm by changing and editing the instructions. Once we had edited our own scratch projects, we uploaded them on Scratch Online and then explored other games and animations that other people had made. We talked about how to be safe when we are online and made our own E-safety posters.

20200707_114224 20200707_114220 20200707_115136

20200708_142648 20200708_142706

The children then made presentations about how to be a photographer, Scratch programmer and graphic designer using the skills that they have learned during our topic. We will be sharing our Scratch projects and presentations in the final assembly next week.

Today, we learned about photographer Gabriele Galimberti and his Toy Stories project. We looked at some of the photographs that he took of children and their toys and designed an idea for our own Toy Stories photograph. The children have brought their designs home to help with their homework project this week.

20200710_142859 20200710_142903 20200710_142910

For Year 1-2 homework this week, they will try to recreate their idea at home and take a photograph. Please let them explain to you how to take a good photograph using the skills they have learned.

That’s all for this week. Have a good weekend and see you next week for our final week!

Ms Nurse