Class Update 19/06/20

Good afternoon everyone,

This week in class was our final week of our pirates topic.

In Literacy, we wrote some instructions for how to become a pirate using some of the information that we have learned throughout the topic. We started by making a poster about how to become a pirate.


Then we learned about different sentence types and turned each of our ideas into commands.

20200618_105820 20200618_110311 20200618_105802

Finally, we used Purple Mash to create our own set of instructions about how to become a pirate. We also included a list using commas.


In Maths, we have been learning about how to follow and give directions. First, we used bee-bots and learned how to program them to move forwards and backwards and turn left and right.

We then learned quarter, half and three quarter turns and used the words ‘clockwise’ and ‘anticlockwise’ to describe the direction. We also learned that a right angle turn is the same as a quarter turn.

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In IPC this week, we learned about how to make our own treasure maps. First, we learned about maps and made maps of the classroom. Then, we talked about how pirates would know where to go and made our own compasses. Then, we talked about different human and physical features that we might find on a treasure map and thought of symbols that we could use to represent them. Finally, we made our own treasure maps.

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This week, the children have worked really hard and completed their GL assessments. As a special treat for working hard and completing our units on pirates and fantasy stories, we finished the day by watching some of Disney’s Peter Pan.


That’s all for this week. We are very excited to announce that Ryan will be back in class on Monday and the children have been counting down the days until we get to see him.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Ms Nurse