Class Update 05/06/20

Hi everyone,

We have finished our first full week of in class learning and the children have adjusted well to being back in the classroom!

In class, we have been learning about pirates. After reading ‘The Night Pirates’, we planned and wrote another pirate adventure story. We used a story map to help us plan the main events in the story and then wrote our stories. We made sure our stories had a beginning, a build-up (problem), a middle, a resolution and an ending. The children then enjoyed creating a front cover and making their stories into a book.

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In maths, we have been learning about division. We used different strategies, such as sharing and grouping, to work out the answer to division number sentences and then solved mixed multiplication and division number problems.

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In IPC, we learned about where food comes from. We used a map to locate different countries where food such as coffee and raspberries come from and then the children used their computers to research what food comes from different countries.

20200602_115203 20200602_115200

We then talked about what food pirates ate. We learned that pirates were not very healthy because the fresh food did not last very long on the ship and they didn’t always have nice food to eat! We talked about what food is healthy and learned about the different food groups. We made our own E

atwell plate and then designed a healthy lunch box for a pirate.


20200603_141411 20200603_141416 20200603_141428 20200603_141439 20200604_115929

This week was very sad that we have had to say goodbye to a member of our class. We were very sad that Harshith had to leave at short notice and we did not get to say goodbye in person but we will send him some special messages to say goodbye.

Harshith, we will miss you! Take care.