eLearning Update Week 6

Good afternoon everyone,

This week has been a great week in Year 1/2 with lots of great learning.

In Literacy, we wrote our own animal diary. We began by researching information about our chosen animal. We then used this to help us plan activities for each day and then we made a book. They look great!

We also learned how to make plural nouns by adding ‘s’, ‘es’ and ‘ies’ to the end of a root word.

Our spelling focus this week was words containing the /ai/ sound.

Animal Diary (Day 1) (12 May 2020 11_27_33 am) 20200513_084838 20200513_155821 20200515_140941 Animal Diary (Day 4) (15 May 2020 11_22_51 am) Animal Diary (Day 4) (15 May 2020 11_26_20 am)

20200512_152835Plural nouns - s, es, and ies (12 May 2020 3_12_32 pm)


In Maths, we have been learning about Addition. We used the = sign to show equality, used number facts to help us solve missing addition and subtraction number sentences and learned different methods for adding 2-digit numbers, including column addition and partitioning.

20200512_155349Related Number Facts (13 May 2020 9_35_25 am)Adding 2-Digit Numbers (14 May 2020 12_26_31 pm)20200514_094741Adding 2-Digit Numbers (15 May 2020 9_23_07 am)20200513_103252

In IPC this week, we have been learning about the different uses of plants. We made posters to show what plants are used for and found out about different foods that can be grown from plants. We also learned about how plants are farmed in different countries in the world and how the climate can affect them. The children designed a floating garden to help grow crops during monsoon season in Bangladesh.

Uses of Plants (12 May 2020 11_58_43 am)

20200512_152242 20200512_152232 20200512_145525 20200513_155841 The Story of a Banana (14 May 2020 12_33_46 pm) 20200513_153324 20200513_154822 Fairtrade (14 May 2020 12_18_06 pm) Floating Garden Challenge (14 May 2020 3_22_16 pm) 20200514_162703 20200514_155206

Next week, we will be starting our new IPC topic called ‘Treasure Island’. We will be learning all about pirates!

I hope you have a great weekend.

See you on Monday!

Ms Nurse