eLearning Update Week 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We have finished the first week of our new term. I hope you all enjoyed a day off yesterday.

This week, we have been introducing lots of new units. In maths, we have been using number facts to help solve addition number sentences, including adding 3 single digit numbers and finding missing numbers.

In our literacy unit, we have been learning about recounts. We read ‘The Diary of a Wombat’ and then learned how to write sentences in the first person and past tense.

In IPC this week, we started our new unit ‘Green Fingers’. We made our own herb heads that we are going to look after. We then went on a nature hunt, made posters to show what we know about plants and learned about different plants and trees. We also learned the different parts of a plant.

Here are some pictures of some of our learning from this week:

20200429_093713 Polish_20200428_223813936 20200428_144332 20200428_121515 20200428_121823 Plant Treasure Hunt (28 Apr 2020 7_43_22 pm) Knowledge Harvest (28 Apr 2020 8_14_35 pm) We're Going on a Bear Hunt (29 Apr 2020 12_15_53 pm) We're Going on a Bear Hunt (29 Apr 2020 11_55_13 am) Types of Trees (29 Apr 2020 2_24_37 pm) Deciduous Trees Life Cycle (29 Apr 2020 2_52_12 pm) Missing Numbers Addition (1 May 2020 9_55_51 am) Parts of a Plant (1 May 2020 2_21_49 pm) 20200501_100226 20200501_141321 20200430_184603 (1) 20200430_172111

Thank you for all your hard work this week.

I hope you have a great weekend.

See you on Monday!

Ms Nurse