eLearning Update Week 3

Good afternoon everyone,

We have made it to the final day of Term 2. I hope you all enjoyed our final assembly. Well done for reading your poems. You did a great job! Also, a special well done to those of you who received awards for attendance and the awards for Citizenship and the Commendation. I hoioe you are very proud of yourselves.

This term has been very different but it has still been fun and productive! In our final week, we have been writing and reciting poems, using measure to solve problems by comparing length and weight and talking about body hygiene.

Here are some pictures of this week’s learning:

The Sound Collector (23 Apr 2020 2_08_59 pm) 20200423_093611 20200422_114151 What is Malaria and how can we prevent it_ (22 Apr 2020 3_12_13 pm) Adding -ing (22 Apr 2020 11_34_17 am) The Sound Collector (23 Apr 2020 11_24_19 am) Adding -ing (22 Apr 2020 2_25_24 pm) Comparing Weight (22 Apr 2020 2_27_44 pm) How do people get ill_ (22 Apr 2020 2_26_41 pm) 20200421_115336 (1) Weight (21 Apr 2020 11_55_33 am)

Next week, we will be beginning our new units for Term 3. Click here to see our Term 3 Curriculum Overview.

Our new topic will be called ‘Green Fingers’. We will be learning about how plants grow and how to look after them. As part of this unit, we will be doing some investigations involving growing and observing plants and herbs. It would be really useful if you have access to the following for next week:

A pot plant herb – e.g. parsley, basil, dill, coriander, mint, lemongrass (don’t tell the children what it is as they will be trying to work this out)

Quick-growing herb seeds

Some compost

Nylon panty hose (tights or stockings)

I hope you all have a great weekend. See you on Monday!

Ms Nurse