Class Update 28/05/20

Good afternoon!

Welcome back to school! It has been great to see everyone in person and be back during in class learning.

This week, we have been practising social distancing and the children feel very grown up getting their own desks!


This week has also been extra special because we have had a new member in our class. Welcome Lynn! It is great to have you and we hope you enjoyed your first week in Year 1/2.


In Literacy this week, we have been learning about the characters from The Night Pirates. We talked about how the characters might be feeling and wrote a diary extract. We also learned how to use exclamatory sentences. Today, we started to plan our own pirate story and made a story map to show what would happen.

20200526_112701 20200529_150034 20200529_150028 20200529_105038 20200529_105051 20200529_105041 20200529_154414

In maths, we have been learning about multiplication. We learned how to count in 3s and practised counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s to solve multiplication number sentences. We also learned about commutativity and used arrays to make commutative number sentences.

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s (26 May 2020 9_45_03 am) 20200529_150023 20200528_093145 20200528_093154 20200529_092326

In IPC, we have been learning about the history of pirates. The children liked finding out about famous pirates, such as Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and Calico Jack!

20200526_153515 20200526_132934 All about Pirates (26 May 2020 12_15_53 pm) What did Pirates Look Like_ (26 May 2020 2_10_33 pm) 20200529_150048 20200529_150052

Well done to everyone for settling in so well during our first week back in school!

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Ms Nurse

Returning School Materials

Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you for all your hard work and support during the eLearning period.

Please gather all of the equipment and materials from eLearning to return tomorrow. This should include:





Whiteboard, pen and eraser

Stationary – pencils, rubber, eraser


Number line/Hundred square

Wooden tens and ones (sticks and cubes)


If your child is taking the bus, please help them to take carry the materials to the bus and a member of staff will meet them when they arrive to help them carry their materials into school.

Thank you

Ms Nurse

eLearning Week 7 Update

Good afternoon everyone,

We have completed our final full week of eLearning. I am so impressed with how resilient the children have been during this time and very excited to be back in the classroom next week.

This week in Year 1/2, we started our new Treasure Island topic. We started by assigning pirate names and learning how to talk like a pirate. The children also made their own pirate dress-up props. In oue IPC lessons, we also wrote our own pirate code and found out about what life was like as a pirate. We learned about pirate jobs and applied for different roles and then talked about some of the dangers of becoming a pirate, including water safety.

In Literacy, we read ‘The Night Pirates’ and wrote about the characters in the story. We also learned how to add the -er and -est suffix to words and how to spell words with the alternative /ee/ sound.

In our Maths work, we have been learning about subtraction. We used different methods to solve subtraction number problems, including counting back, column subtraction and finding the difference.

Next week, we will return to school for in class learning on Wednesday. Please ensure your children wear a mask and remind them of the importance of washing their hands and social distancing. I hope you have a great weekend.

Ms Nurse

20200519_123501 pirate name pirate-phrases 20200519_161019 20200520_160810 20200520_145937 20200521_151257 20200521_162333 Pirate Interview (21 May 2020 3_39_40 pm) Message in a Bottle (22 May 2020 2_18_50 pm) 20200522_150042


The night pirates

The Night Pirates (Main Character) (21 May 2020 11_23_52 am) Character Description (22 May 2020 12_26_58 pm) 20200519_161640 Alternative ee spellings (21 May 2020 2_27_20 pm) 20200519_173558

Subtraction (19 May 2020 9_39_46 am) Subtracting a 2-digit Number (20 May 2020 9_36_49 am) Addition and Subtraction (choosing and using different strategies) (22 May 2020 10_11_10 am)

lisa reading David water safety

eLearning Update Week 6

Good afternoon everyone,

This week has been a great week in Year 1/2 with lots of great learning.

In Literacy, we wrote our own animal diary. We began by researching information about our chosen animal. We then used this to help us plan activities for each day and then we made a book. They look great!

We also learned how to make plural nouns by adding ‘s’, ‘es’ and ‘ies’ to the end of a root word.

Our spelling focus this week was words containing the /ai/ sound.

Animal Diary (Day 1) (12 May 2020 11_27_33 am) 20200513_084838 20200513_155821 20200515_140941 Animal Diary (Day 4) (15 May 2020 11_22_51 am) Animal Diary (Day 4) (15 May 2020 11_26_20 am)

20200512_152835Plural nouns - s, es, and ies (12 May 2020 3_12_32 pm)


In Maths, we have been learning about Addition. We used the = sign to show equality, used number facts to help us solve missing addition and subtraction number sentences and learned different methods for adding 2-digit numbers, including column addition and partitioning.

20200512_155349Related Number Facts (13 May 2020 9_35_25 am)Adding 2-Digit Numbers (14 May 2020 12_26_31 pm)20200514_094741Adding 2-Digit Numbers (15 May 2020 9_23_07 am)20200513_103252

In IPC this week, we have been learning about the different uses of plants. We made posters to show what plants are used for and found out about different foods that can be grown from plants. We also learned about how plants are farmed in different countries in the world and how the climate can affect them. The children designed a floating garden to help grow crops during monsoon season in Bangladesh.

Uses of Plants (12 May 2020 11_58_43 am)

20200512_152242 20200512_152232 20200512_145525 20200513_155841 The Story of a Banana (14 May 2020 12_33_46 pm) 20200513_153324 20200513_154822 Fairtrade (14 May 2020 12_18_06 pm) Floating Garden Challenge (14 May 2020 3_22_16 pm) 20200514_162703 20200514_155206

Next week, we will be starting our new IPC topic called ‘Treasure Island’. We will be learning all about pirates!

I hope you have a great weekend.

See you on Monday!

Ms Nurse

eLearning Update Week 5

Good afternoon,

I hope you all had a good week and that the children enjoyed Children’s Day on Tuesday.

This week in Year 1/2, we read the story of Angry Cat. We have been learning how to use subordinating conjunctions ‘when’, ‘because’, ‘where’ and ‘if’ to extend sentences. We wrote sentences about Angry Cat using subordinating conjunctions.


20200507_132304 The Angry Cat_ Day 1 (7 May 2020 11_03_22 am) The Angry Cat_ Day 2 (8 May 2020 11_33_12 am)

In maths, we have been learning about fractions. We learned how to find half, quarter and three quarters of a shape or quantity.

20200506_121739 Fractions - quarter (7 May 2020 9_25_21 am) 20200507_101232 Fractions - 34 (8 May 2020 9_44_37 am)

In our IPC work, we talked about how to look after plants. We then designed and made a watering can to water our plants. We did an investigation to find out what materials were waterproof and then designed a watering can using a plastic bottle. The children then made their watering can and evaluated it.

harshith gardener david gardener

Life Cycle of a Plant (7 May 2020 11_48_08 am) 20200507_121625 20200508_094709

Make your watering can! (8 May 2020 1_42_14 pm)Evaluate your watering can (8 May 2020 2_49_51 pm)

I hope you all have a good weekend.

See you on Monday!

Ms Nurse

eLearning Update Week 4

Good afternoon everyone,

We have finished the first week of our new term. I hope you all enjoyed a day off yesterday.

This week, we have been introducing lots of new units. In maths, we have been using number facts to help solve addition number sentences, including adding 3 single digit numbers and finding missing numbers.

In our literacy unit, we have been learning about recounts. We read ‘The Diary of a Wombat’ and then learned how to write sentences in the first person and past tense.

In IPC this week, we started our new unit ‘Green Fingers’. We made our own herb heads that we are going to look after. We then went on a nature hunt, made posters to show what we know about plants and learned about different plants and trees. We also learned the different parts of a plant.

Here are some pictures of some of our learning from this week:

20200429_093713 Polish_20200428_223813936 20200428_144332 20200428_121515 20200428_121823 Plant Treasure Hunt (28 Apr 2020 7_43_22 pm) Knowledge Harvest (28 Apr 2020 8_14_35 pm) We're Going on a Bear Hunt (29 Apr 2020 12_15_53 pm) We're Going on a Bear Hunt (29 Apr 2020 11_55_13 am) Types of Trees (29 Apr 2020 2_24_37 pm) Deciduous Trees Life Cycle (29 Apr 2020 2_52_12 pm) Missing Numbers Addition (1 May 2020 9_55_51 am) Parts of a Plant (1 May 2020 2_21_49 pm) 20200501_100226 20200501_141321 20200430_184603 (1) 20200430_172111

Thank you for all your hard work this week.

I hope you have a great weekend.

See you on Monday!

Ms Nurse