Spelling Bee

In November, we will be holding a Spelling Bee for the children who want to take part. We will do the class Spelling Bee in the first week back and then on the 2nd week back, we will do the finals on November 13th. If your child would like to participate, please ask them to learn and practice these spelling words. Click here for the spelling list.


Class Update 25/10/19

Hi everyone, today is the last day of term before our mid break. Thank you to everyone who attended or helped with Scary Dress Up Day. The children all had a great day.

KakaoTalk_20191025_153007570_02 KakaoTalk_20191025_152906292_28 KakaoTalk_20191025_152906292_24 KakaoTalk_20191025_152906292_17 KakaoTalk_20191025_152906292_13 KakaoTalk_20191025_152906292_11 KakaoTalk_20191025_110000706 20191025_090740

In class this week, we have been learning about symmetry. We looked at lines of symmetry in shapes and made symmetrical patterns.

20191025_093111 20191025_093104 20191025_093007

20191024_092247 20191024_092337

In Literacy, we have been learning about non-fiction texts. We explored the features of information texts and then looked at how to use a contents page and an index page.

20191022_104814 20191022_104824 20191022_104829 20191022_104832 20191022_105024 20191022_110255 20191022_110257

During IPC, we have had fun doing Halloween crafts and carving our own mini pumpkins out of peppers.

That’s all for this week. I hope everyone has a great week whatever you are doing and I look forward to seeing you all after the holidays.

Ms Nurse

Class Update 18/10/19

Good afternoon!

This week has been a busy week in Year 1/2. In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. The children have enjoyed making models of 3D shapes, describing the shapes properties and finding objects in the environment that look like them. We struggled to find a pyramid in school so we tried to use our bodies to make one ourselves.

20191015_092536 20191015_092802 20191015_093036 20191015_093048 20191015_093322 20191015_093409 20191015_093414 (1) 20191015_093444 20191015_093520 (1) 20191015_093538 20191015_093733 20191015_093828 20191015_093937 20191017_094950 20191018_094234 20191018_095152In literacy, we have been learning to read and follow instructions. This week, we wrote our own set of instructions for how to make a magical potion. We learned how to use time words and bossy words.

20191015_105447 20191015_105455 20191015_105941 20191015_105959 20191015_110821 20191018_111511 20191018_111722 20191018_111727

In IPC, we are learning about how people celebrate Halloween. As part of our topic, we are helping to organise scary dress up day next week. We have made invitations to send to the other children in school and we started to make posters to have around school. They decorated their posters using ghosts and pumpkins.

20191015_094333 20191015_094335 20191018_145434 20191018_145438 20191018_145444

That’s all for this week. Hope you have a great weekend!

Ms Nurse

Class Update 10/11/19

Good afternoon. We have had a fun week here in year 1/2. In maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes. We have had lots of fun making pictures and patterns with shapes.

20191010_095157 20191011_145944 20191011_091758 20191011_145940

In Literacy, we have been learning about signs, labels and instructions. We started by going on a hunt to find signs and labels in school. We then learned about instructions and followed some to make a jam sandwich!

20191008_105649 - Copy 20191008_110555 - Copy 20191011_105039 20191011_105121 20191011_105132 20191011_105244 20191011_105247


In IPC, we have been learning about celebrations. As Diwali is coming up at the end of the month, we decided to make our own Diya lamps to display in our classroom for Diwali. We made them using lots of bright colours and decorations.

20191008_141846 - Copy 20191008_141850 20191008_141853 20191010_121337 20191010_121353 20191010_121545 20191010_121550 20191010_121555 20191011_145756 (1) 20191011_145807 20191011_145813 20191011_145820 20191011_145900

Next week, we will begin planning a Halloween celebration for before the October break.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Ms Nurse


Class Update 04/10/19

Thank you for sending in photographs of your children during celebrations. The children enjoyed sharing their pictures and memories of celebrations. We used our pictures to create a timeline to show when different events happened, including when we were born. We talked about events that happen every year, such as our birthdays and some which only happen once, like when we are born. We also created a calendar to show the different events that happen every year and then picked two to compare. 20191001_141255 20191001_141301 20191002_150509


In maths, we have been solving problems involving addition and subtraction. We started by doing a colour by numbers but to work out the colours, we had to add or subtract. We then moved onto solving word problems. The children picked different resources that they could use to help them, such as cubes for counting, a 100 square or a number line.

20191002_093220 20191002_093229 20191002_093238

In Literacy, we have been trying to improve our work. We read our stories from this week, talked about what was good about them and how to make them even better. We then re-wrote part of our story using our amendments.

In ICT, Year 1 and 2 made repeating algorithms with motion blocks and learned to control more than one sprite at once. They then made their sprites have a dance party.

IMG_20190930_110443_Bokeh IMG_20190930_110453_Bokeh IMG_20190930_110459_Bokeh IMG_20190930_111503 IMG_20190930_111513

Next week in IPC, we will be starting our technology work and helping to plan our Halloween celebration. We have lots of exciting things to help make.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Ms Nurse