International Week post

Dear Parents and Children,

What a fantastic celebration of the International community that makes up HFS this week has been. The students worked hard making their presentations and the feast that the parents prepared was a just reward. It was a successful and enjoyable day, thank you and well done to all.


In other learning, we refined our letter writing skills in English and learned about homophones – words that sound similar but are spelled differently. In Math we continued working with fractions applying our knowledge to money and word problems.



We completed our IPC unit “Freeze It” by making delicious grape and orange jelly and strawberry milk ice-lollies. It was a fun way to end the unit on different states of matter. We also began our new unit on “Forces” with an entertaining display of tug-of-war from Mr. Choi and Mr. Kearney. It was the perfect way to examine push and pull forces. I look forward to exploring these further in the coming weeks.



The International Day festivities were a great success. The students enjoyed sampling the wondrous variety of dishes put out by the parents, thank you again for preparing such a fantastic feast. The students really put everything into their presentations and it showed. Well done to all of them.


I look forward to celebrating International Book Day on Thursday 7th March. The fun and learning never ends at HFS.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful extended weekend. There is no homework or spelling this week so please enjoy the holiday.

Mr. Kearney More…

Week 7 Spelling and News

Year 2 Spelling: letter address sincerely evaporate condense every found still between name

Year 3 Spelling: letter address sincerely evaporate condense learn length library material medicine

Dear Parents and Children,

This week has seen many milestones and occasions in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class. We were lucky to have a visit from a familiar face in Mr. Kim – the children were delighted to see him.


In class this week we began looking at informal letters, focusing on the book “Dear Mr. Blueberry”. The students learned the features of an informal letter. We will continue with this next week as they prepare to write letters to an old friend from the year 2 class. In Math we continued looking at fractions and how to make ½, ¼ and 1/3 of amounts of things. We continued with our IPC investigation on the changing states of matter looking at how long it takes for different substances to change from a liquid to a solid.



The highlight of this week was undoubtedly our trip to Busan National Science Museum. The students had a fantastic time exploring scientific principles in hands-on installations. It was a hugely successful trip and the students were able to see and interact with dancing robots, aeronautical exhibits and enjoy playing with devices that demonstrated forces.


We celebrated Olivia McCarthy’s birthday but it was bittersweet knowing that she would be leaving this week. We wish you adventure and delight every day in your new school, Olivia!


That is all for this week. I look forward to the student’s International Week Presentations on Thursday 28th February.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney More…

Week 6 Spelling and News

Year 2 Spelling: solid liquid matter fraction equivalent great tell men say small

Year 3 Spelling: solid liquid matter fraction equivalent increase important interest island knowledge

Dear Parents and Children,

A full week has passed us by in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class and there is much to talk about.

We began the week by putting on an excellent display of science and the school value of respect, showing off our understanding of static and current electricity in our assembly.



In English we consolidated our learning of traditional tales from other countries by creating our own witch character and starting to type our own witch story. We also reviewed our understanding of direct and indirect speech and how to use speech marks. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making cards for those for whom we care. I was delighted to receive a few, it is really sweet and touching.

In math we started looking at fractions, learning about equivalent fractions and comparing different fractions. The students made their own fraction walls for our class display. We had fun in P.E. learning different “invasion” and “territory” games, playing mat-ball and “guard the pin”. The weather was chilly so we made use of our fantastic gymnasium.


Our new IPC unit is called “Freeze it” and we are looking at different states of matter. The students had fun enacting the behavior that particles make in solids, liquids and gases. They then made wonderful displays explaining this behavior. We saw first-hand how matter changes by looking at water changing from ice to liquid to gas and we conducted a “cool” experiment with chocolate to see if we could melt it and reverse that state or not. I look forward to performing more experiments next week.


What a full week of fun and learning. I look forward to next week when we will go on our school trip to the Busan National Science museum on Thursday 21 February.

Enjoy the picture below of your children having fun learning and do have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kearney More…

Week 5 – Art gallery trip, Assembly and trip to Busan National Science museum

Dear Parents and Children,

Since this was a short and special week there will be no spelling and the only homework will be to study and practice the words to our “Electricity Song” for our assembly on Monday. Click here for a printout of the lyrics. Please join us for an illuminating and interactive display of what the students have been learning about in IPC.

The students enjoyed a short but busy week where they practiced their hopping, jumping and balancing locomotor skills in P.E. We also prepared to conduct our assembly on Monday and we hope to see you there. The students always enjoy putting their work on display for their parents so if you would like to attend be at the hall by 1: 30 pm for an entertaining presentation



We completed our IPC unit on Electricity by making actual functioning “buzzer” games. The students worked diligently and meticulously piecing all the parts of the circuit together. Well Done to all of them.


20190208_113402 20190208_113412(0) 20190208_120237

The trip to the art gallery was informative and the students enjoyed seeing different styles of graffiti art on display. We are so fortunate to have such a valuable resource that we can take advantage of so close by. Stay tuned for updates on how the students will apply what they have learned from the experience to making a similar art work.


Our next class trip will be to the Busan National Science Museum on Thursday 21st February. It will be a full-day trip but we will return to the school by 3:30 pm so after-school club activities will not be affected on the day. It will be great for the students to learn about forces and states of matter for their upcoming IPC units and if you have not completed the online permission form please do so by clicking here and submitting your response by Friday February 15th.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney


Week 4 News, Spelling and Seollal Break

Spelling Year 2: battery inventor magnet speech multiple again off went old number

Spelling Year 3: battery inventor magnet speech multiple heard heart height history imagine

Dear Parents and Children,

I can’t believe that we are almost half way through term two and what a fantastic week we have had in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class.

The highlight was unquestionably the Seollal festivities on Wednesday. It was a smart decision to celebrate early due to the sudden sprinkling of snow that brought a chill on Thursday and Friday. The students looked dazzling as always in their Hanboks and traditional outfits as they performed Gatchi-Gatchi Seollarun in the assembly. They made such nice wishes for our “wishing tree” and enjoyed playing games and flying their kites from art class. It is an important and rewarding experience to celebrate such significant cultural traditions.




In other learning, we concocted our own delightfully disgusting witches’ recipes in English and reviewed using speech marks for direct speech in grammar. In math we learned strategies for adding and subtracting pairs of 2-digit numbers and applied that to word problems using the RUCSAC method. We helped out the F1-Y1 students with their counting  and in IPC we continued exploring current electricity, learning about conducting a fair test as we constructed series circuits. The students also researched significant figures in the history of electricity and constructed a timeline to show it.



Next week we will make our electrical game projects so please send a shoe box as in the picture below or similar with your child to class in order for them to complete the project.



On Friday 8 February we will be going to the HHI art gallery to view the graffiti exhibition. The trip will be short, taking place from 1:30 to 3:00 pm but please complete the online permission form by clicking here to allow your child to attend.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful Seollal break.

Mr. Kearney