Week 14 update, Spelling Words and Winter Show Costumes

Year 2 spelling: heavier lighter longer shorter hear work there word must because

Year 3 spelling: heavier lighter longer shorter hear decide describe different difficult disappear

Dear Parents and Children,

We have completed week 14 of our term and the upcoming Winter Show is almost upon us. We would like to keep the costumes simple yet festive so the students should wear basic warm, red and white clothes – red pants and a white long-sleeve shirt for their class recital. (The image below is a guide and the tie and mustache are  not required). We will provide Santa Hats for everybody but the students should wear a pair of cheap toy sunglasses.  Students who are playing the part of skeletons in the play (Jeremy, Cortney, Rana, Juveria, Nikolay, Seongyun and Cherry Blossom) should wear black long-sleeve shirts, black pants and black socks and change into their red and white clothes during the interval.

Christmas outfit

 In class this week the students were very busy.  We practiced our descriptive writing by using adjectives to improve sentences and started looking at play scripts, linking with our IPC unit “Turn it up”  by learning the art of Foley (creating sounds for films and plays) and sound design to create entertaining recordings with sound effects.



In Math we continued our section on measurement by reviewing units of measurement for length, weight and capacity and the correct terminology associated with each one.


In P.E the students continued working on their hockey striking and passing and are getting good at cricket.  We were also fortunate to have a visit from the FS1/2/Y1 students showing us the book that they made. It has been a fun week of practical learning.

That is all for now, Have a great weekend and I hope to see you at the HFS Open Day on Monday.

Mr. Kearney More…

Week 13 News and Winter Show Song Lyrics

Dear Parents and Children,

It has been a full week of learning and fun in the HFS classroom.  The students commemorated Children’s day and learned about their Universal Children’s Rights. They made fantastic hand posters for our display.


We have started rehearsing for our upcoming Winter show and the students completed an exciting project about sound for our IPC unit, “Turn it up”. We learned about the art of Foley and making sound effects. The students performed a live dub to an hilarious scene from the “Captain Underpants” movie.  We will post that to our Class  Dojo page soon.


In English we started looking at poems about our senses, taking advantage of the chilly weather to have a sensory poetry walk around the school grounds to write descriptions of what we saw, heard, felt and smelled.


In P.E. we continued learning about striking games by practicing hockey in the gymnasium since it was a little chilly. In Math we started our unit on measurement by looking at units of time and how to tell and write the time with the phrases “past” and “to” and “quarter” and “half”. Be sure to let your child practice telling the time at home.


There are no spelling words this week but rather let the students practice their winter show songs which can be found by clicking here for the year 2 “Aladdin” song and here for the year 3 song. The lyrics to the class song “Arabian Nights” can be found by clicking here.

That is all for this week. Have a great weekend please and stay warm.

– Mr Kearney.


Updated – Week 12 News and Spelling

Year 2 Spelling: also around another came come tolerant sound light clockwise quarter

Year 3 Spelling: centre century certain circle complete tolerant sound light clockwise quarter

Dear Parents and Children,

What an exciting week it has been in the Year 2/3 class. They conducted their assembly excellently and looked great in their costumes. The school was impressed as they showed off their dictionary and alphabetical order skills and we all learned valuable lessons about tolerance, equality and telling the truth.


On Tuesday we were fortunate to have had Mrs. Lickert demonstrate an actual science experiment that a laboratory technician would perform. It was a superb way to end off our IPC unit on “A day in the life”. The students learned about different liquids being acids or bases. Thank you again Mrs. Lickert for your patient and informative instruction.


We started our new IPC unit, “Turn it up” by listening to sounds around us and understanding that sounds make waves and different sounds make different waves. The students had fun using a virtual oscillator to see what the sound of their voice looks like. You can try see what sounds look like by clicking here.

In English we consolidated our learning about instructions by creating sets of instructions for spaces around the school. Look out for their posters about how to use the microwave, library and elevator. In math we learned about direction and movement and the students enjoyed playing a treasure hunt game, navigating a boat around a map to seek for different trinkets as well as following directions accurately to create patterns. In P.E the students demonstrated that they are learning striking and fielding games well by playing cricket and baseball.

We ended off the week by starting to learn and practice our songs for the upcoming Winter show. Click here for the lyrics for the students to practice at home. I have Updated the web page to now allow access to the lyrics.

That is all for this week, stay warm and healthy and have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney More…

Week 11 Update and science experiment on Tuesday 13 November

Dear Parents and Children,

Since the year 1/2/3 students have been working so hard at rehearsing their assembly for Monday we will not have spelling words for this week. The students had an awesome time at Kidzania and showed of what they learned at the Job-based theme park by creating wonderful explanation texts of the jobs that they learned about.  In English this week we looked at the features of non-fiction, explanation texts and it was good to interlink the English with our IPC learning unit on “a day in the life”. We had discussions about what equality means and talked about whether or not boys and girls can do the same jobs.

We will be concluding this unit by looking at a “day in the life” of a scientist and are fortunate to have Mrs. Lickert conducting an experiment in class on Tuesday 13 November. Students are encouraged to bring small amounts of clear liquids to rest in our experiment.  Household items such as vinegar, lime-juice, oil or similar clear liquids will be ideal.

In Math this week the students showed wonderful creativity as they progressed from recognizing and making symmetrical reflective shapes to designing amazingly colorful reflective patterns. We also started looking at fractions in shapes.

The students have worked hard preparing scripts, organizing games and rehearsing a play for their assembly on Monday. Do try and join us for an entertaining presentation of their learning on Monday at 1;30 pm.

That is all for this week. Enjoy these pictures of our trip to Kidzania.


20181108_114720 More…

Kidzania Information and Schedule for Thursday November 8th

kidzania pic

Dear Parents and Children,

The wait is almost over and the day for the Year 1/2/3 trip to Kidzania Busan is almost here.

Since this is a full-day trip students must not bring school bags to school on the day. Only bring Snacks lunch and water bottles. Students must wear long pants and sneakers and a thin jacket. Students are welcome to bring any “Kidzbucks” they may have from previous trips to Kidzania. The trip will be from 09:00 am until 4:30 pm and as a result Drama club will be cancelled for the day.

The schedule and program for the day will be as follows:

09:00 am – School bus arrives at HFS as normal. Y1/2/3  have registration, get tags and go to restroom. No bags only snack, lunch, water bottle.
09:10 am – Bus departs for Busan. Mrs Florovskiy to accompany the group.
10:40 am – Arrive at Centum City Busan. All to disembark bus and proceed to 4th floor. (Jackets can remain on bus).
10:45 am – Snacks to be eaten in waiting area outside Kidzania.
11:00 am – Enter Kidzania and get wristbands. Students put in groups as follows:
Group 1 Mr Kearney
Group 2 Miss Yujin
Group 3 Mrs Florovskiy
Groups enter 5th floor and proceed to center circle where lunch and snack boxes will be left in Lunch area upstairs.
Group 1 will follow the route –  Police (19) – Florist (43) – CSI (21) *Vet (45) is optional extra.
Group 2 will follow the route  – Florist (43) – CSI (21) – Police (19) *Vet (45) is optional extra.
Group 3 will follow the route –  CSI (21)-Police (19) – Florist (43) *Vet (45) is optional extra.
 After that the groups will roam freely around the 5th floor with their supervising adult until meeting back at 12:40 for lunch.
12:40 pm – Meet at the central circle and go for lunch in the lunch area upstairs.
1:00 pm – Groups will explore the 6th floor.
Group 1 will follow the route – Pilot training (50) – Robotics (52) – 3D hologram studio (67).
Group 2 will follow the route –  3D hologram studio (67) –  Pilot training (50) – Robotics (52).
Group 3 will follow the route –  Robotics (52)  -3D hologram studio (67) –  Pilot training (50).
After completing these sections Groups can roam freely around the 6th floor until 2:30.
2:30 pm – Groups Meet at 5th floor Chocolatier (7) to complete chocolate making activity.
3:00 pm – All groups ready to depart Kidzania – Headcount to be done. lunch and snack boxes to be collected.
3:05 pm Depart Kidzania and head to HFS.
4:30 pm Arrive at HFS and disembark bus. Students to hand in tags and meet parents in Multimedia room.
I hope you are as excited for the trip as I am.

Week 10 Spelling and Update

Year 2 Spelling: day same right look think symmetry instruction explain glossary definition

Year 3 Spelling: build busy business calendar caught symmetry instruction explain glossary definition

Dear Parents and Children,

What an exciting, full week we’ve had in the year 2/3 class. The students outdid themselves in creating a scary, haunted classroom for our Scary Dress-up Day event. They also came dressed in amazing costumes to celebrate the holiday. Despite the fun-filled day we still squeezed in some valuable learning by making 3D pumpkin cube nets and continuing with our geometry exploration of shapes. The students had a blast exploring the activities in each of the classrooms as well as the spooky movie and dancing. A great time was enjoyed by all throughout the day.

In other learning this week the year 2’s practiced putting words into alphabetical order and using dictionaries while the year 3’s learned how to use a thesaurus. In Math we started looking at lines of symmetry in shapes and linked this with ICT where we created our own symmetrical pictures with MS Paint. In P.E. we started playing striking games by learning how to play badminton and we will start looking at baseball and cricket in the coming weeks. In IPC the students thought about their dream job and what doing it every day would entail. This is ahead of the much awaited trip to Kidzania on Thursday 8th November. Please check the class page next week for further details ahead of this planned trip.

Finally, we also celebrated Anna’s birthday on Thursday by making a lovely card. Happy Birthday Anna!

What a busy week! Have a great weekend.

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