Week 4 – Chuseok Celebration and Song Lyrics Practice over the Holidays

Dear Parents and Children,

We are 4 weeks in to the year and the students have been working and learning well. The class was lucky to have Cherry and Terry, the HFS Turtles in class with them. We showed great responsibility and care in feeding and observing them. In English the students started applying what they have learned about myths and adjectives toward creating their own mythological heroes and settings. They also worked hard learning their Greek God Rap for their upcoming assembly. In Math the year 3’s continued learning about decimals, practicing how to add while the year 2’s practiced their 4 and 5 times tables and partitioning four-digit numbers. In IPC we continued our exploration of “Our World” by reviewing living and non-living things and looking at trees as habitats. They also enjoyed practicing the “I love the whole world” song.  Please have them practice their words to these songs over the break as homework. The lyrics can be found  here:I Love the Whole World  and here: Greek God Rap.

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly today’s Chuseok festivities. The students had a fantastic time celebrating this most significant of Korean Holidays, from making thank you cards to enjoying traditional games and culminating in the spectacular assembly. Well done to the class for performing their roles as MC’s so well and Thank you to all the parents for attending our Chuseok program. Have an enjoyable Chuseok break and I will see you on October 4th.

Best regards,

Mr Kearney.

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Week 3 Update

Dear Parents and Children,

We are now well into our learning in the year 2/3 class at HFS and we have had a busy week. The students had a fantastic time at the UMFF school trip.  I was most impressed with their climbing ability. They are so brave.

In other learning this week we continued to explore Greek Myths, focusing on Greek Gods – Ask your child to practice their Greek God Rap at home. In English we learned how to use adjectives and adverbs to make our writing more interesting. In Math we worked on ordering and partitioning three and four digit numbers. The year 3’s began to understand decimal points and numbers smaller than 1. In IPC we created fantastic patterns in the style of Andy Goldsworthy using objects found in nature. We also practiced our song for the month “I love the whole world” – Ask your child to perform it for you.

Next Friday will be the HFS Chuseok celebration. All parents are welcome to join us from 1:30 pm to be a part of the festivities.

Enjoy these pictures of your children on the field trip and at school. Have a great weekend.

– Mr Kearney

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Week 2 – The fun and learning is underway

Dear Parents and Children

Week two is under our belt and we are moving steadily into our learning. The students also enjoyed participating in the after-school club activities this week. In English we continued our exploration of Greek Myths, creating our own mythological beasts and paying close attention to the story of Icarus. We also practiced using correct punctuation. In Math we continued learning our multiples of 10 and counting on in 10’s from other numbers. We reviewed place value of three and four digit numbers. In P.E. We had fun doing team-building activities. In IPC the students had a lot of fun looking at patterns that exist in our world, most notably spirals. Next week we will use found natural objects to create a pattern artwork similar to Andy Goldsworthy.

Everyone is looking forward to the School trip on Monday. Please ensure that your children are wearing their uniform for easy identification and that they have comfortable shoes, their snack, lunch and water bottle.

That is all for this week. Enjoy these pictures of your children learning and laughing.

Best regards,

Mr. Kearney

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