Week 6 News and Spelling


Year 1: practice “ar”, “or” and “sh” words

Year2: because, try, told, young, left, joining, insert, chrysalis, caterpillar, butterfly

Dear Parents and Children

We hope you enjoyed the sunny weather over the break. We are now half way through term 3 and this was a short but productive week of learning in the year 1- 2 classes.

The student’s lettuce plants continue to grow well. The seedlings have sprouted as the students eagerly nurture their plants. They are documenting their plants growth and creating slideshow presentations to display their progress. They are also observing their light experiments with curiosity. In English we have started writing or drafts of our fantasy stories. We will type them next week. The letters that the students wrote traveled across the world and arrived in South Africa, much to my niece Abigail’s’ excitement and surprise. In Math we continued to apply our multiplication and division skills to solving word problems and in P.E. The students had fun inside on a rainy Wednesday practicing our basketball dribbling, passing and shooting.

As part of their homework, please let your child practice the words to the “life cycle song” for the upcoming year 1-2 assembly. That is all for this short week. Enjoy the photos taken by the students of their fun and learning. Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You

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Week 5 News and Spelling words

Y1 review of a_e words, wh words and oy words

Y2 others, however, sure, means, knew, minibeast, array, sunlight, experiment, pollen

Dear Parents and Children,

We are approaching the half-way mark of Term 3 as week 5 comes to an end. The students had a productive week completing a number of exciting learning-filled activities.

The students were very excited to plant their own lettuce plants. Some have already sprouted small seedlings which made the students very happy. It will be fun to watch the plants grow as the children tend to them over the coming weeks. We took advantage of the warm sunny weather and worked outside looking for minibeasts around the school grounds. We also started conducting an experiment questioning whether plants need light to grow. The results so far are surprising and we shall see how it develops.

In English the year 1-2’s began planning their fantasy stories in line with the works of John Burningham that we have been reading in class. They produced vivid character and setting descriptions to get ready to write their final drafts next week. The students also wrote letters to my niece, Abigail, in South Africa. She is the same age and will enjoy receiving the letters and writing back in the coming weeks.

In Math we learned different strategies for multiplication and division such as using arrays and a number line and started applying them to word problems. The students finished off their Google slide shows in I.T class and in P.E. the students practiced their football and basketball dribbling and shooting.

Next week will be a short week with no school on Monday or Tuesday. We hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. For Mr. Kearney’s class, If your child reads a book please get them to do a short book review.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You

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Week 4 News update and Spelling


Year 1: General review of “ou” and “ow” and frequently used words.

Year 2: Parents Column Abdomen Thorax Antennae Better Best Across During Today

Dear Parents and Children,

As week 4 passes us by we are over a third of the way through the final term of the year and learning continues to progress in the year 1-2 classes at HFS. We do hope you were sufficiently and deservedly spoiled on Parent’s day, the children enjoyed making cards and flowers to show their appreciation of you.

In class this week students showed their creativity by writing their own fantasy story development for John Burningham’s “The Shopping Basket”. They also enhanced their grammar knowledge by learning about connectives. In Math we learned column addition and subtraction with carrying and borrowing and in IPC we started looking at insects and mini-beasts and concluded our germ projects by taking our final photos. . Next, we will put the images into Google slide shows in I.T. class. In P.E. the students had fun practicing their basketball dribbling, bouncing and shooting skills and also worked on their football shooting skills.The students enjoyed observing and taking care of “Terry” and “Cherry”, the school turtles, this week. They will be missed.

Next week, in anticipation of our next IPC unit called “From A to B”, the students will write a letter to someone in another country. It will be a fun activity learning about the journey that the letter travels as it goes from its origin to its destination.

That’s all for this week, Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney


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Photo time

Enjoy the photos taken during the Year 1 and 2 Trip, Assembly and Sport Afternoon.



Week 3 News and Spelling


Y1: sauce gauze taught caught dawn law yawn saw claw paw

Y2: cycle seedling bud germinate habitat ever paper hard hear sentence

Dear Parents and Children,

An exciting week of learning has passed us by. The children had a fantastic time learning about plants and living creatures on their school trip to the botanical gardens. It was especially fun to see their reactions as they embraced the reptiles.

In English we continued our exploration of fantasy stories looking at setting and creating imaginative locations for our stories to take place in. In Math we reviewed place value up to the thousands and continued to partition numbers into the different values. In IPC we looked at life cycles, beginning with the plant. We showed great care in looking after our plants that we got from the field trip. I hope the plants will continue to be cared for at home.

Well done to the Year 1s for the fantastic and creative assembly about living things and our environment. We enjoyed seeing your germ experiments and had fun creating our life cycle dances.

The sports afternoon was fun and successful. Thank you to the parents who provided the refreshing and healthy snacks. A great time was had by all.

Have a great extended weekend and enjoy the sunny weather.

Mr Kearney,

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