Week 7 News and Spelling.

Year 1 Spelling: sea  meat  teach  bean  pea  some  so  these  would  other

Year 2 Spelling: surprise, sorting, criteria describe, muscle, live, page, Earth, need

Dear Parents and Children

What an exciting week at HFS. As the Olympics in PyeongChang draws to a close we approach the end of our exploration of the Olympic games in our learning. The students had fun participating in our very own Olympic activities organized and conducted by the Year 5 to 9’s. It was every bit as successful and enthralling as the actual games. Well done to all the organizers and participants for the wonderful event.

The year 1s have been actively organizing and rehearsing for their assembly on Monday. Be prepared for an interesting fitness lesson, should you wish to attend. The regular learning this week has been fun and interesting. In English we have started our unit on traditional tales and stories from other cultures with an eye-opening look at the story of “Handa’s Surprise” from Kenya. We will explore this story further next week and compare it to a traditional story from Korea.

In Math, the students consolidated their understanding of data handling by reading and sorting information and numbers on to Venn diagrams. They had a lot of fun creating tangible Venn diagrams with Hula hoops and sorting classroom objects on to them. Next week we will continue with data handling with the introduction to Carroll Diagrams.

The year 1/2’s reflected on what they have learned about the Olympics by creating posters to explain the event should an alien from another planet happen to land in PyeongChang right now and wonder what all the fuss is about. Their posters are a good reflection on the important symbols and reasons behind the Olympics. We will finish off the unit by designing and creating our own (well earned) medals.

Next week is International week at HFS. Together with all the other grades, the year 1 and 2 students have been hard at work creating material for our international display board. All the nationalities that make up the student body at HFS are represented. See if you can find your country’s flag made by our year 1 and 1/2 students. We look forward to the exciting events during International week.

It seems the weather is warming as Spring approaches. Have a wonderfully sunny weekend.

From Ms. You and Mr. Kearney


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Year 2 Olympic Sport Video Interviews

Hi Parents and Children,

Here are the video interviews that the year 2 students recorded. They had a lot of fun learning how to record and ask questions regarding the favorite winter Olympic sport at HFS. Thank you to all who agreed to be interviewed Enjoy.


…And here are the bloopers.

Week 6 News and Sullal Wishes

Dear Parents and children,

First of all, we’d like to introduce a new student, Rafaella, in Year 1. Please say hi when you see her around. We hope you enjoyed the school’s festivities. The students and Ms. You did excellent jobs in putting together the musical pieces for each class. Well done!

It has been a short but eventful week for the Year 1 and 1/2’s at HFS. The Year 1/2 assembly was successful and entertaining. Everyone enjoyed their poem recital and video interviews and the pass-the-ball game was rowdy fun. The next assembly will be conducted by the year 1’s in 2 weeks’ time and we are all looking forward to it.

On top of preparing for Seolllal the year 1’s ad 2’s still managed to squeeze some regular learning into the short, busy week. In English they year 1/2’s reflected on the process of organizing the assembly and created flowcharts explaining how to go about it. In math we continued to look at analyzing data and in IPC we created mascots for our home countries. Next week we will be designing and making Olympic medals. Mr. Kearney’s Chess kids are going from strength to strength and Ms. You’s Korean dance students are enjoying learning traditional dances – remember to practice, practice, practice!

Happy Seollal to all!



Week 5 News and Spelling

Spelling Year 1: star farm born more storm will each about how up

Spelling Year 2: symbol, mascot, organize, welcome, interview, head, above, kind, began, almost

Dear Parents and Children

As the Olympic games and Seollal festivities approach we have gotten through a busy week in the year 1 and 1/2 classes at HFS. We were happy to hear that Hidayat is well again but we wish Rayyan and Ameer both speedy recoveries from their illnesses. They are both sorely missed by their teachers and classmates.

A number of exciting developments took place this week. Firstly, we would like to welcome Cortney and Anna to the year 1/2 class. Please greet them if you see them around the compound.

The school began their International week group projects. Each group of students from across all grades was given a particular country to research and create a presentation for the upcoming International week program. Also, the students are enjoying creating projects and organizing activities for Seollal celebrations next week. It will be a day of fun-filled festivities, we hope to see you at the school next Wednesday. The year 1/2 class has been hard at work preparing and practicing for their assembly on Monday. It is sure to be entertaining.

In regular classes we continued to look at non-fiction explanation texts as the students merged that with organizing their assembly in the year 1/2 class. Both the year 1 and 1/2 classes also rehearsed their rhyming poems to perform for the school. In Math we began to look at handling data and the students were energized as they did surveys by interviewing friends, classmates and teachers about their favorite color, fruit and Winter Olympic sport. The year 1/2 students had a great time recording their interviews on camera. Here are some videos of them conducting their interviews.


The student’s videos are being edited and will be on the class web page next week (along with a blooper reel). In IPC we continued our exploration of Olympic symbols by looking at mascots through the ages and getting the students to create a mascot for their own country using the colors of their flag.

Keep warm and have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You


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Week 4 News and Farewell to Hidayat

Year 1 Spelling:  grow  slow   cow   now   down   which   their   said    if     do

Year 2 Spelling: glossary, definition, divide, bobsleigh, mentor, without, once,

life, took, four

Dear Parents and Children,

Another week has past us by and learning continues in the Year 1 and 2 classes. Sadly, we must bid farewell to Hidayat this week. He has been a lively member of the year 1 class and he will be missed. We wish him and his family happiness and prosperity in the future. Our Volunteer teaching assistant is also leaving. Thank you Mr Park, you were here briefly but you made an impression on the students and staff. Thank you for volunteering your services.

It was a short due to the unexpected inconvenience of the water supply but the learning continued. In English we made progress in understanding explanation texts, the year 2’s created their own glossaries. In Math we looked at place value of units, tens and hundreds for the Year 2’s. We enjoyed some interactive and hands on games to reinforce our understanding. In IPC we continued our exploration of Olympic symbols by creating our own Olympic ring displays. They are very impressive.

Another exciting development is that we have introduced a mentoring program at HFS where senior students can mentor the junior students and Teachers will mentor the senior students. The groups will meet weekly to chat and offer assistance and guidance as needed. It promises to be a rewarding initiative at HFS.

Thank you and have a warm, wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney and Ms. You