Class Photo’s, Spelling, Permission Form and Dress Up Day

Dear Parents and children

Another week has flown by and the children worked brilliantly. In English they wrote modified versions of a traditional story. In math we learned how to add and subtract on a number line and find the difference of two numbers using addition and subtraction. In IPC we continued our investigation of buildings, focusing on how to build a house and the parts  thereof, culminating in a tower-building contest and the Year 5/6’s paid us a visit to share their projects with us. A great end to a great week.

I would like to remind the parents of Year 1 / 2 children in my class that on Monday 30 October we will be taking a new class photo and children should wear their Blue School Uniformplease.

Their Spelling words as practiced in class for this week for the test on Monday 30 October are:

Year 1’s  wind, jump, sink, pink, tent, he, for, was, on, are.

Year 2’s suddenly, sneezed, could, peak, peek, along, never, next, while, left.

Lastly, a final reminder to anyone who has not completed the online permission form for the trip next week to do so by Monday 30 October.

On Tuesday 31st October we are having a Dress-up Day and children are welcome to come to school in costume. I look forward to seeing what wonderful and creative characters will show up. (I might even wear a costume myself). It promises to be a fun day. Enjoy these photo’s of the children working hard this week.

20171027_150058    20171027_150110   20171026_104105 20171023_115944

20171027_093636  20171027_094814  20171027_094921

Year 1 /2 Buildings and Nature trip Permission form.

Dear Parents

Please complete the permission form by Monday 30 October 2017 if you are happy for your son/daughter to attend the tour of Hyundai Heavy Industries and visit the Ulgi Lighthouse and the bridge at Daewangam Park. Children should wear their school uniform and bring a jacket and comfy shoes since we will be outdoors for part of the day. They should bring their lunch, snack and a water bottle.


Spelling words for week 9

Dear Parents and children

It has been a full and busy week and we have gotten through a lot of work. In literacy we looked closely at “The three little pigs”, performing plays and puppet shows and we  learned about other traditional tales and features of stories. In math we learned how to make 10 and 20 from a given number and started using multiples as groups and in IPC we looked closely at what different buildings are used for and how they have changed over time. In P.E. We played some new games such as bowling and “Pie-eater” and even practiced our alphabet. It was a lot of fun.

On Monday there will be a spelling test. The year 1’s will be tested on the words “bell”, “buzz”, “class”, “huff”, “the”, “of”, “and”, “to”. Please practice over the weekend.

The year 2’s will be tested on some high frequency words and the words from their literacy;  “helpful”, “friendly”, “beginning”, “middle”, “problem”, “should”, “house”,  “build”, “chimney”, “give”.  Please practice these over the weekend.

I look forward to an even more productive week coming and wish all an enjoyable weekend. Here are some photos of your children having fun learning.

Best regards,

Mr Kearney

20171016_152335  20171020_120617 20171020_095603 20171020_151743 20171019_140909 20171016_150515

Year 1 and 2 IPC building and nature trip info.

Dear parents,

In line with our new topic ‘Buildings’, Year 1/2 classes are having another exciting trip to HHI and Daewangam Park. At each place, we will observe the differences between nature and a building site and buildings for different purposes, e.g. buildings for ship construction, a lighthouse and bridges. See below for the trip information.


Where:  HHI & Daewangam Park

When: Thursday, 2nd November 2017

How: By school bus

Who: Ms You and Mr. Kearney (Teachers), Miss Duri & Mr. J. Kim (TA)

You prepare: School uniform, a jacket, comfy shoes, Lunch, snack  a water bottle

Leave school at 9:15am – Return to school by 1:30pm

The Online Permission Slip will be posted shortly on the School web page. Please complete it  by Monday 30th October.  Children not attending the trip should stay at home on the trip day.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Year One/Two class teachers

Ms. You and Mr. Kearney

Spellodrome Login Issue

Dear Parents

A number of you have informed me of being unable to login to the Spellodrome program. I was informed that the school is will be unable to continue using Spellodrome at the present time, please use Reading Eggs in its place. Apologies for the confusion.

Best regards,

Mr. Kearney

Mathletics and Spellodrome login details

Dear Parents

It has been a short but productive week after the Chuseok break and we made it to Friday. Please look in your children’s’ book bags for the laminated cards with login details (Username and Password) for Mathletics and Spellodrome. You are encouraged to let your children use the online resources to practice math and spelling in fun interactive ways as well as monitor their progress.

The link to login is

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Here are a couple of pictures of year 1 boys working hard practicing their even numbers

20171012_111403[1]  20171012_111435[1]

Best regards,

Mr Kearney

Year 2 Class Timetable and Important days to remember.

Dear Parents

I hope your Chuseok celebrations and holiday break were enjoyable. This is just a message informing you of the slight change in Class Timetable as a result of the Year 1 and Year 1 / 2 split.

The complete daily timetable is attached below but I would like to draw your attention to the following important days:

Everyday        Book bag, Lunch, A.M. snack, water bottle

Monday          Spelling work

Tuesday         Library books (to renew) and Show & Tell

Wednesday    PE kit, Reading books and Homework into class

Thursday        New reading book and homework to take home

Friday             PE kit

and remind you that tomorrow Mr Kearney’s Year 1 & 2 Class will have P.E.

Thank you.

Year 1.2 Class Timetable 2017.18