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Week 4 News and Spelling

Spelling year 2: grid scavenger settler prefix report  going work cloth funny friend

Spelling year 3: grid scavenger settler prefix report prehistoric primary secondary source people

Dear Parents and Children,

What an exciting and eventful week it has been. We were happy to meet wit Dr  Jabal and show him our fantastic school. The students were at their best as he visited our class. We also celebrated Reyansh’ birthday and teachers day and conducted our assembly with a flower show and demonstration of teamwork. We even celebrated International Chicken Dance Day by doing the chicken dance.20190516_134039



In our learning this week we started a new IPC unit, “Scavengers and Settlers”. The students eagerly took to researching and understanding how people lived long ago. In groups the students discussed what things people need to survive. How do we get these things today? They had to think about how people long ago would get these things and survive. What would they use to make these things? We had to pretend to be people in the stone age and scavenge for things to build our house and make clothes.  The students also researched fossils on the internet and then got the opportunity to be archaeologists as we looked at and dug up real fossils, understanding the difference between primary and secondary sources.




20190515_145256 20190517_110538



In our English we started planning our “Anthony Browne’ style stories. The students showed great creativity in coming up with characters and how they change as the story develops. In grammar we learned about prefixes and how they change the meaning of a word and we started looking at the features of non-chronological reports for our next unit.

In math we continued practicing our multiplication strategies, refining our skills with the grid method and in P.E we started learning about games involving controlling and hitting balls and other objects to each other in a fixed area and practiced our throwing and catching skills.



I am glad that our plants continue to grow and our self-watering planters were a success and work effectively. I hope the students will continue to care for them in the coming weeks.

That is all for this week. have a great weekend.

Mr Kearney More…

Week 3 Update, Spelling and Green Day

Spelling Year 2: Connective photosynthesis chain process inverse both few those always looked

Spelling Year 3: Connective photosynthesis chain process inverse possess suppose surprise succeed strict

Dear Parents and Children,

It has been a short but productive week jam-packed of exciting learning.

First we were happy to celebrate both Jeremy and Lois’ Birthdays. The whole school signed a card and gathered to wish them a happy Birthday as they watched personalized video messages. we hope they each had a special day



Our plants are growing nicely thanks to the care and nurturing that the students are giving them. In groups the students had to research different subjects relating to plants and create a Powerpoint slideshow for our upcoming assembly on Monday. They have made exceptional presentations ranging from photosynthesis and life-cycles to plants around the world. Join us on Monday at 1:35 pm for their Assembly. They should practice their “Recycle Song” lyrics. You can get them by clicking here. They rounded off the IPC unit “Green Fingers”by building a self- watering planter from recycled plastic bottles.

20190508_090747 20190510_110951



In English we looked at the Anthony Browne story “Gorilla” and learned about coordinating connectives “and”, “but” and “or” for our grammar. We also discussed the school values, why they are important and what they mean to us. The students created wonderful spray-diagrams illustrating their understanding of the HFS core values. In Math we went further with our multiplication and division skills by creating “Halving Chains”. The students also learned about using the grid method for multiplication.

20190509_115255 20190509_115341

We had a fantastic time on our “Green Day” trip to clean up Daewangam Park today. I am so proud that the students worked so hard collecting litter from that beautiful area that we all enjoy. It was a lot of walking but an enjoyable time was had by all. they definitely earned their ice cream treats.


I am pleased that the students ordered so many tickets for the Spring Day. I look forward to seeing them there tomorrow.

Due to the Daewangam park cleanup taking a little longer than expected homework will be sent out on Monday. Have a great weekend and I will see you at the PTA Spring Day.

Mr Kearney


Week 2 update and Plastic bottle for Science Project

Spelling Year 2: climate herb blurb leftover remainder sound below saw something thought

Spelling Year 3: climate herb blurb leftover remainder popular potatoes position parade record

Dear Parents and children,

We have completed our second week of term 3 and I am happy to report that the year 2/3 Johannesburg class is taking advantage of the wonderful Spring weather to grow our plants, herbs and beans. The students are diligently nurturing their plants and monitoring their growth with daily record keeping. We researched the life cycle of a plant and how plants get food through photosynthesis. We also examined different herbs to understand the different uses for plants. I am looking forward to seeing the student’s plants bud and flower in the coming weeks.


Next week we will be making devices for our plants using plastic bottles. Please send a small plastic bottle with your child to school similar to the one pictured below so that they may complete the project.


In English we continued looking at the work of Anthony Browne, with a special focus on his style of writing and drawing and how he uses different techniques to convey emotion. We also learned about opposite adjectives  and how to use a thesaurus to help with our writing. The trip to the art gallery was a special treat where we could see a variety of different children’s authors styles on display.



In Math we continued learning about doubling and halving even numbers extending our understanding to remainders. We completed fun and challenging math riddles to round of the week’s learning. I hope they enjoy completing a few more for homework.


That is all for this week. Please have a wonderful extended weekend with your families on Children’s day filled with sunshine and delight.

Mr. Kearney More…

Week one Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Children,

It’s great to be back after a wonderful Spring break. We have had a full week of fun and learning in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class, much of it spent getting our hands dirty as we began planting our seedlings for our “Green Fingers” Unit in IPC. The students filled out “Adoption “certificates” promising to care for their new plants which they had to also name. I look forward to seeing them grow.



They also learned about different plants from around the world and the different climate zones that plants grow in. We took advantage of our natural surroundings exploring which plants growing the most in our area and doing a tally and bar chart to represent our findings. The students are excited about this new unit and I look forward to getting close to nature in the coming weeks as we learn more about plants and the environment.



In English we began our unit on “Stories from significant authors by looking at Anthony Browne’s work. We looked at the similarities in a few of his stories and learned how to write a blurb to entice us to read one.


In Math we practiced our mental math skills with an addition and subtraction test. We will complete one every week as the students see their own progress as they improve on their scores and times. We also learned about halving and doubling single and double-digit numbers, understanding that odd numbers can be doubled but not easily halved.

In P.E. we started learning catching and fleeing activities learning two new games – “Giants, elves and wizards” and “Boats and Oceans” as the students looked at different strategies for catching and fleeing. They certainly worked up a sweat in the gymnasium as the weather is getting warmer.

All in all, a full week and a great start to the new term. Please take note of the term 3 curriculum overview for your review in the class information section.

Mr. Kearney More…

End of term 2 and Holiday Homework

Dear Parents and Children,

We have reached the end of term 2 in great style. This week we rounded up our learning with a number of fun activities.

We started out the week with a fake test to celebrate April fool’s Day – I am happy that not everyone was duped by my cunning ruse.



In English we practiced reciting our poem for the assembly and in Maths we played some board games to practice our adding and subtraction skills. We rounded of our IPC unit on “Super Humans” by learning about how to keep our body healthy and the nasty virus of malaria. The students showed what they learned by making full-size skeletons and organs with descriptions of what they do in our body for display. They look amazing.


Their performance in the final assembly was fantastic. They said their lines well and everyone was entertained and impressed. In class we gave out awards for the top ClassDojo scorers and our reading race. Well done to Chris for receiving the commendation and to Lois for receiving the School Citizenship award. They are well deserved.


For homework during the break students should look at this website by clicking here and do research about different organs of the human body and bring a display of what they discovered similar to the ones we have done in class. They should also do book reviews and complete a tally, bar chart and Carroll diagram as we have learned in class.  They can use these sheets to guide them with their work. There are also some graph and chart worksheets to complete.

Book Review

Body Outline


Bar Chart

Carroll Diagram

Graphs and Charts Homework

I hope everyone has a fantastic Spring Break and I look forward to seeing you on Monday April 22.

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Week 12 Update, Reports sent home and Parent-Teacher conferences.

Spelling Year 2: compare criteria pattern healthy confidence end along while might next

Spelling year 3: compare criteria pattern healthy confidence remember sentence special straight strength

Dear Parents,

Next week is the final week of term 2. We have still covered a large amount of learning in the year 2-3 Johannesburg class this week. Reports went home today. Be sure to check your child’s’ school bag and ensure that you have received it. Please review it and complete the parents comments section in preparation for the parent teacher conferences on Wednesday 3 April. Also, be sure to reserve an interview slot by filling in the form at the admin office should you wish to discuss your child’s’ learning progress. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

In English we continued to look at elements of poetry. The students crafted wonderful poems about Spring using rhyme, alliteration similes and adjectives. They then typed up their poems in ICT class. We also celebrated International Poetry Day by practicing reciting poems with confidence – tying neatly into our “Star of the Week” theme. Well done to the students for bravely performing sound poems with expression, intonation and alternating volume and pace.


In Math we finished off our unit on data handling by looking at Carroll diagrams. The students understand that different criteria is needed and we can sort things according to the criteria and then analyse the data. They had fun creating their own criteria and surveys to ask their school mates and analyse the facts of the data.


20190329_094122 20190329_094851

In IPC we continued learning about the human body, this week focusing on the names of the bones of the skeleton and how it works in conjunction with different muscles to allow us to move. We also looked at how the eye works.

20190327_151546 20190327_151555

In P.E. we continued to play cooperative team games with the students competing against each other in teams having to solve different challenges by working together.



All in all another fun week of learning as term 2 draws to a close. That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend. More…

Week 11 News and Spelling

Spelling Year 2: skeleton organ alliteration sort diagram read last never us left

Spelling Year 3: skeleton organ alliteration sort diagram possible position quite quickly recent

Dear Parents and Children,

Another full week of learning has flown by in the year 2-3 Johannesburg class and we started a number of new things.


Firstly, in English we have learned about features of poems, namely alliteration, as we explored a variety of poems of different topics. The students had fun creating alliteration sentences using their own names. We looked at shape poems and the poems “Friends” and “The Fisherman” by Abbie Farwell Brown and “Bed in Summer” by Robert Louis Stevenson as well as a fun poem called “Spring Showers”. I look forward to them starting to write their own poems next week.



In Math we continued our topic of data handling by learning about Venn Diagrams. The students made actual Venn Diagrams with hula hoops in class.

20190319_095550   20190319_095714

IPC was the most interesting as we began our new unit, “Super Humans” about the human body. We learned about the most important organs and what the skeleton is for. We rounded off the week by making moving skeletons.


In P.E. we continued learning cooperative games and the children had a great time working together to solve challenges while competing against another team.


It has been a great week of learning and discovery and I look forward to the next one.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney More…

Week 10 Update

Spelling Year 2: magnetic tally survey rhyme homonym air line set own under

Spelling Year 3: magnetic tally survey rhyme homonym occasion often opposite ordinary peculiar

Dear Parents and Children

Only 3 weeks until the end of term and still the fun and learning continues at HFS in the Year 2-3 Johannesburg class.

This week we had fun dressing up in our craziest pajamas to raise funds for the WeHope Orphanage Fund and the PTA. Thank you to the for providing snacks and refreshments for our pajama-movie party. At the beginning of the week the students enjoyed the visit from Mr Song from the Ulsan Dongbu Police Department. Riding in the police car was an amazing and unique experience.



In our learning this week we completed our English letter by crafting postcards for friends. I will be sure to mail them this weekend. We started our poetry unit by looking at rhyming words. Please practice the words to our song this weekend. The lyrics were included in the homework pack. We also learned about homonyms, building on our learning of homophones from last week. Next week we will look at poems from different countries and work toward writing our own poem.

In math we started our section on data handling by doing different surveys around the school and creating tally charts. We then learned how to use that data to create a bar chart. We rounded off the week by analyzing the data from our bar charts and creating questions for our classmates to answer. The students had a lot of fun experiencing what it is like to be a teacher in that respect.

In IPC we continued our exploration of forces by having fun with magnets. The students had to be scrapyard managers and sort magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We then did an investigation of which is the strongest type of magnet and created tally charts and bar charts, linking to our math studies and creating a new subject called “Scmath”.


We had fun with a new invasion game “Meerkat Moving” that linked to our English story from last week.

Finally, if you have not done so yet, please take a moment to complete our Parent Survey. There are only 5 questions and your responses are anonymous and will help us develop the best school possible for your child’s learning. Please click here to complete the survey. thank you for your support with this initiative.

That is all for week, Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney More…

Week 9 Spelling and News

Spelling Year 2: international thousand forces postcard push pull should mess home big give

Spelling Year 3: international thousand forces postcard push pull mention minute natural naughty notice

Dear Parents and Children,

A full week of learning and fun has passed in the year 2/3 Johannesburg class as the end of term 2 edges closer. This week we celebrated International Book Day by dressing up as our favourite literary characters and just sitting and enjoying a good book. Thank you to the PTA whose generous gifts made that possible. The children really showed their creativity in their costume designs.



In English we completed our class book “Meerkat Mail”. We made summaries of the story and consolidated our short writing learning by crafting letters, postcards and emails. I am so proud of the students for writing thank you emails to the PTA during our ITC class. They also learned how to create and attach an image to an email. Well done! In grammar we learned about homophones and words that sound alike.



In Math we continued learning about money, focusing on different currencies. We learned about US Dollars and Korean Won. The students enjoyed playing with imitation versions of the different currencies as they learned to add the different coin amounts and practiced their place values up to 5 digits.



We continued learning about forces in IPC completing an experiment regarding friction and different surfaces. I look forward to completing more experiments next week.



In P.E we continued learning indoor and outdoor invasion games by learning basketball and games associated with football. The children had fun playing “Jail Break” and “Beanbag tag” while getting exercise.



That is all for this week. I look forward to seeing their crazy pajamas outfits next week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney