Week 6 Spelling and News

Year 2 Spelling: solid liquid matter fraction equivalent great tell men say small

Year 3 Spelling: solid liquid matter fraction equivalent increase important interest island knowledge

Dear Parents and Children,

A full week has passed us by in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class and there is much to talk about.

We began the week by putting on an excellent display of science and the school value of respect, showing off our understanding of static and current electricity in our assembly.



In English we consolidated our learning of traditional tales from other countries by creating our own witch character and starting to type our own witch story. We also reviewed our understanding of direct and indirect speech and how to use speech marks. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making cards for those for whom we care. I was delighted to receive a few, it is really sweet and touching.

In math we started looking at fractions, learning about equivalent fractions and comparing different fractions. The students made their own fraction walls for our class display. We had fun in P.E. learning different “invasion” and “territory” games, playing mat-ball and “guard the pin”. The weather was chilly so we made use of our fantastic gymnasium.


Our new IPC unit is called “Freeze it” and we are looking at different states of matter. The students had fun enacting the behavior that particles make in solids, liquids and gases. They then made wonderful displays explaining this behavior. We saw first-hand how matter changes by looking at water changing from ice to liquid to gas and we conducted a “cool” experiment with chocolate to see if we could melt it and reverse that state or not. I look forward to performing more experiments next week.


What a full week of fun and learning. I look forward to next week when we will go on our school trip to the Busan National Science museum on Thursday 21 February.

Enjoy the picture below of your children having fun learning and do have a wonderful weekend.

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Week 5 – Art gallery trip, Assembly and trip to Busan National Science museum

Dear Parents and Children,

Since this was a short and special week there will be no spelling and the only homework will be to study and practice the words to our “Electricity Song” for our assembly on Monday. Click here for a printout of the lyrics. Please join us for an illuminating and interactive display of what the students have been learning about in IPC.

The students enjoyed a short but busy week where they practiced their hopping, jumping and balancing locomotor skills in P.E. We also prepared to conduct our assembly on Monday and we hope to see you there. The students always enjoy putting their work on display for their parents so if you would like to attend be at the hall by 1: 30 pm for an entertaining presentation



We completed our IPC unit on Electricity by making actual functioning “buzzer” games. The students worked diligently and meticulously piecing all the parts of the circuit together. Well Done to all of them.


20190208_113402 20190208_113412(0) 20190208_120237

The trip to the art gallery was informative and the students enjoyed seeing different styles of graffiti art on display. We are so fortunate to have such a valuable resource that we can take advantage of so close by. Stay tuned for updates on how the students will apply what they have learned from the experience to making a similar art work.


Our next class trip will be to the Busan National Science Museum on Thursday 21st February. It will be a full-day trip but we will return to the school by 3:30 pm so after-school club activities will not be affected on the day. It will be great for the students to learn about forces and states of matter for their upcoming IPC units and if you have not completed the online permission form please do so by clicking here and submitting your response by Friday February 15th.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney


Week 4 News, Spelling and Seollal Break

Spelling Year 2: battery inventor magnet speech multiple again off went old number

Spelling Year 3: battery inventor magnet speech multiple heard heart height history imagine

Dear Parents and Children,

I can’t believe that we are almost half way through term two and what a fantastic week we have had in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class.

The highlight was unquestionably the Seollal festivities on Wednesday. It was a smart decision to celebrate early due to the sudden sprinkling of snow that brought a chill on Thursday and Friday. The students looked dazzling as always in their Hanboks and traditional outfits as they performed Gatchi-Gatchi Seollarun in the assembly. They made such nice wishes for our “wishing tree” and enjoyed playing games and flying their kites from art class. It is an important and rewarding experience to celebrate such significant cultural traditions.




In other learning, we concocted our own delightfully disgusting witches’ recipes in English and reviewed using speech marks for direct speech in grammar. In math we learned strategies for adding and subtracting pairs of 2-digit numbers and applied that to word problems using the RUCSAC method. We helped out the F1-Y1 students with their counting  and in IPC we continued exploring current electricity, learning about conducting a fair test as we constructed series circuits. The students also researched significant figures in the history of electricity and constructed a timeline to show it.



Next week we will make our electrical game projects so please send a shoe box as in the picture below or similar with your child to class in order for them to complete the project.



On Friday 8 February we will be going to the HHI art gallery to view the graffiti exhibition. The trip will be short, taking place from 1:30 to 3:00 pm but please complete the online permission form by clicking here to allow your child to attend.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful Seollal break.

Mr. Kearney


Week 3 Update and Spelling words

Spelling Year 2: circuit conduct current recipe digit help put years different away

Spelling Year 3: circuit conduct current recipe digit towards group guard guide grammar

Dear Parents and Children

Our star of the week this week is for curiosity and what a full week of inquiry we have had. After showing thorough understanding of being safe around electricity, the students enjoyed learning about current electricity, making completed circuits with light bulbs and motors. They also explored the history of electricity and learned how it is generated and the path it follows to get to their home.



In English we consolidated our understanding of the verb tenses by converting a passage from “Hansel and Gretel” into the past tense. We also started looking at our class reader “The Worst Witch”, making comparative character profiles with Mildred Hubble and Bony Legs from Baba Yaga. In Math the year 2 students worked on subtracting from 2 and 3 digit numbers and began looking at solving word problems using the RUCSAC method while The year 3’s looked at more complicated multi-step word problems. We continued practicing our locomotor dribbling skills in P.E. with “Steal the ball” games.

The highlight of the week was our fire safety inspection drill, which the students completed calmly and with precision. Well done to them.

I look forward to next week when we will be building our own electrical circuit buzzer projects. you will need to provide a shoe box and lid similar to the one pictured below. Please send them to school next week with your child.


Also, remember that on Wednesday 30 January we will have our Seollal celebrations. We encourage you to let your child wear traditional clothing from Korea or your home country for the day. Join us from 1:30 pm to be a part of the festivities.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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Term 2 Week 2 News and Spelling

Spelling words year 2: predict electricity second static third such take here why things

Spelling words year 3: predict electricity second static third experience extreme famous favourite February

Dear Parents and Children,

What a full and entertaining week of learning and discovery we have had. The highlight of which was clearly the Silly Hat Day. The students did well in being insanely creative in their hat designs and we all had a great time making silly hats in class to wear on the day.


In other learning we continued our IPC unit “Bright Sparks” with an exploration of static electricity. The students were positively charged as they completed experiments with balloons and household items to generate static electricity. Next week we will look at the history and development of current electricity and have fun making circuits.


In English we explored a variation of a traditional tale from another country and compared the differences and similarities of the stories we have been reading.  In grammar we looked at regular and irregular verbs in the past-simple tense. In math we learned about ordinal numbers and how to add by bridging to multiples of 10 and learned a clever way to quickly calculate multiples of 9. Ask your child to show you. Finally, Please ensure that your child practices their spelling words for the weekly test.

We continued to practice our footwork locomotor skills in P.E this week with some fun dribbling games and we learned a new song about electricity for music. The  Scholastic catalogues went home today. Please place your orders by the 10th of February.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kearney


Welcome Back to Term 2 in the Year 2/3 class

Dear Parents and Children,


Welcome back after the Winter break. I hope you are refreshed and revitalized. We have plunged straight into work in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class this week. We began by giving out awards for the Class Dojo Achievers from last term. Well done to all who received a prize. We also started the term off with a new program “Going for Goals” where the students will set and work toward reaching a goal in class each week. I look forward to seeing the “goal getters” working hard each week to reach their target.

The term 2 curriculum overviews are up. Please review and become familiar with the content we have set for this term by clicking here.  We have already started working on it in class this week. In English class, the students eagerly recounted events from their Winter break and we started learning about traditional tales from other cultures exploring the Russian story of Baba Yaga and the German story of Hansel and Gretel. The students had fun trying to predict the ending and create their own original ending for Hansel and Gretel.

In Math we looked at comparing 3-digit numbers and placing them accurately on a number line. We followed this with rounding 3 digit numbers and the year 3 students went a step further by rounding for simplified addition.

The students were very excited to start the new IPC unit “bright Sparks” where we will learn about electricity. After exploring the background to the topic we will do some hands on experimenting with electrical circuits. In PE we started working on movement skill games and had fun practicing our footwork with a “grab the treasure” game.

On Tuesday 15 January we will celebrate National Hat Day by wearing the silliest hats imaginable. Start looking for or making the silliest hat you can think of to wear on the day. Each class will judge the silliest hat in their class and we will have a school parade to show off the wacky designs. it should be loads of fun.

That is all for this week. We will start up spelling words from next week. have a great weekend.

Mr Kearney More…

Happy Holidays from the year 2-3 Class!

And that’s a wrap! What a way to end the term with a fantastic week of fun-filled learning and creating.

The year 2-3’s performed their pieces in the Winter show outstandingly. We rounded off this week by exploring light and shadows and making their own functioning Zoetropes. They also performed their own original scripted plays for everyone in the Assembly. Congratulations to Reyansh for his commendation award, it was well-earned and to Felix for his School Citizenship award. We will miss you!

I look forward to seeing everyone starting refreshed and energized on January 7th. Have a wonderful Winter break, a Fantastic Holiday season and Spectacular New Year!

Mr Kearney



Week 15 News and Spelling

Year 2 Spelling: scene compare simile like estimate does part even place well

Year 3 Spelling:  scene compare simile like estimate early earth eight enough exercise

Dear Parents and Children

We have reached the final week of term one and the students have been as busy as bees this week.

We were very happy to have so many guests participate in our open day on Monday. Thank you for taking the time to see what we are doing in our lessons at HFS. I hope It was an informative and enriching experience learning to make moving images for our “Zoetrope”.

We have rehearsed our songs and dances for the Winter show and the students are excited to perform for you on Monday. Do join us at 6pm for a magical evening of entertainment and please ensure that your child rehearses their part this weekend for the show. Please remember that the color code is red and white and send a pair of toy sunglasses to school on Monday for our dress rehearsal.


Progress Reports went home with your students today. Please ask them and check their bags to ensure that you receive their progress report for the term.

In class this week the students learned about similes and used them to start writing sense poems imagining if they had wings.


In Math this week we continued to learn about measuring, focusing on temperature and introducing the children to negative numbers. The students were happy to get their hands on thermometers to measure hot and cold substances.


We also made wonderful Christmas tree ornaments  for the arts and craft stall at the winter Show, do purchase one to support the PTA. In IPC we continued to explore sound looking at how sound travels from its source to our ears and brains by playing with wire-cup telephones.


Please remember to sign up for the parent teacher conferences on Wednesday 12 December. The sign-up sheet is at the admin offices and should be completed by Tuesday 11 December.

That is all for this week. Have a great weekend.

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Week 14 update, Spelling Words and Winter Show Costumes

Year 2 spelling: heavier lighter longer shorter hear work there word must because

Year 3 spelling: heavier lighter longer shorter hear decide describe different difficult disappear

Dear Parents and Children,

We have completed week 14 of our term and the upcoming Winter Show is almost upon us. We would like to keep the costumes simple yet festive so the students should wear basic warm, red and white clothes – red pants and a white long-sleeve shirt for their class recital. (The image below is a guide and the tie and mustache are  not required). We will provide Santa Hats for everybody but the students should wear a pair of cheap toy sunglasses.  Students who are playing the part of skeletons in the play (Jeremy, Cortney, Rana, Juveria, Nikolay, Seongyun and Cherry Blossom) should wear black long-sleeve shirts, black pants and black socks and change into their red and white clothes during the interval.

Christmas outfit

 In class this week the students were very busy.  We practiced our descriptive writing by using adjectives to improve sentences and started looking at play scripts, linking with our IPC unit “Turn it up”  by learning the art of Foley (creating sounds for films and plays) and sound design to create entertaining recordings with sound effects.



In Math we continued our section on measurement by reviewing units of measurement for length, weight and capacity and the correct terminology associated with each one.


In P.E the students continued working on their hockey striking and passing and are getting good at cricket.  We were also fortunate to have a visit from the FS1/2/Y1 students showing us the book that they made. It has been a fun week of practical learning.

That is all for now, Have a great weekend and I hope to see you at the HFS Open Day on Monday.

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