Class Update 17/01/20

Good afternoon everyone,

In Year 1/2 this week, we have been learning to retell traditional tales. The children made story maps to show the events that happened in the story, including the beginning, the middle and the end and then used props and small world characters to help them retell a story. We then wrote a book review to discuss our favourite story and what we liked about it.

20200117_155540 20200115_122310 20200117_112644



In maths, we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We used number facts to help us add and learned how to count on to find the difference.

As part of our IPC topic, we did an investigation to find out if all liquids freeze. As part of our investigation, we used different juices to make ice lollies and ate them this afternoon.

20200114_114559 20200114_115115

157924590662120200117_152117 20200117_152108 (1) 20200117_152104 20200117_152059 20200117_152112

We then investigated which materials would be good for keeping ice cold. We found that the best materials were the fluffy materials such as wool or felt paper. We used these materials to design and make a cooler box to keep our ice lollies cool in the summer.

1579245895265 20200116_093735 20200116_093740 20200116_093743 20200116_094446 20200116_095722 20200116_095726 20200116_110222 20200116_095738 20200116_110212

Next week, we will be celebrating Seollal with some fun activities on Tuesday afternoon. I hope to see you there.

Have a great weekend!

Ms Nurse

Class Update 01/10/20

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a wonderful break.

We started the week by writing a recount about what they did in the holidays. They all had some exciting stories to tell.


We then continued our literacy work this week by beginning to learn about traditional tales including Hansel and Gretel, The Pied Piper of Hamelin and Rumplestiltskin. In our literacy work, we talked about the features of traditional tales and wrote character descriptions.


In maths this week, we have been learning about numbers. The children learned to count in 2s, 5s an 10s and started to recognise number patterns. They sorted numbers in the 2 times table and worked out that these were even numbers and the other numbers were odds. We then learned about doubles and realised that you could find double of a number by counting in 2s.

20200108_093109 20200108_093113 20200108_093132 20200108_095434 20200109_092934 20200109_093200 20200109_093555 20200110_092119 20200110_092125

Our new IPC topic this term is Freeze It! As part of our new topic, we are learning about states of matter. We started the week by talking about solids, liquids and gases. The children enjoyed role playing and pretending to be the molecules. We then explored ice and water and talked about how it feels and used thermometers to measure the temperature. We learned that ice melts and turns into water and investigated how this is a reversible change by putting the water back in the freezer to make it into ice again.

20200107_114354 20200107_114223 20200107_134936 20200107_135515 20200107_135617

We then talked about irreversible changes and watched how a bar of ivory soap changed when we put it in the microwave.



As part of children’s homework this week, they have been given some spellings to practise using the sounds that they have been learning in class this week. Please practise these words with your child at home for a spelling test next week.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



End of Term 1 Update

We have reached the end of the first term. Thank you to everyone for an incredible first term and for all of your help and support. Well done to all the children for working hard and I hope you all have a well deserved break and wonderful Christmas and New Year.

This week, we made our calendars for the start of the new year. The children loved using their fingers and hands to make pictures for each month of the year. I hope you will enjoy displaying them in your homes.

20191213_092945 20191213_092921 20191213_092905 20191213_092847

In IPC, we looked at a map to show how different people’s jobs help us to live and where we can find them in our local area. We used toys to make buildings and vehicles for the map and then made a map of our own.

20191210_143254 20191210_143224 20191210_142914 20191210_142736 20191210_141444 20191210_141440 20191210_140009 20191210_150120 20191210_150124

In your child’s book bag, you will find their reading book and their homework folder with some activities that they could try over the half term. These are suggested activities to consolidate their learning this term and you do not have to do all of these. Please make sure that the children have a rest and enjoy their Christmas holidays. The list of words are the words that your child is learning to read and spell this year. You can practise some of these over the holidays but you do not have to learn them all. They are to be learned throughout the year.

Once again, I hope you all enjoy your holidays, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Ms Nurse

Class Update 06/12/19

Good afternoon everyone,

We are nearing the end of the term and have been very busy this week preparing for the Winter Show. Thank you to everyone who took part, attended or contributed towards the events and evening. The children worked very hard to learn their songs and parts for the winter show and they did a great job! A special well done to the children who also took part in the play.

KakaoTalk_20191205_203743957_12 KakaoTalk_20191205_203743957_15 KakaoTalk_20191205_203706206_17

In class this week, we have been continuing our topic on measure. In maths this week, we used scales to estimate and compare weights and began to measure using cubes and standard weights. The children really enjoyed using the balancing scales to measure and compare different objects in the classroom.

20191206_093814 20191205_092157 20191205_092148 20191204_094133


In Literacy, we listened to different poems and discussed which was our favourite and what we liked about them. We then learned about rhyming words and ended the week by writing our own acrostic poems using the letters from our names.


On Monday, the children will be bringing their books home from school so that you can see what they have been up to in class. Please return the books on Tuesday morning as we will need to use them in class. You will have a chance to discuss these during the parent/teacher conferences next week. If you have not yet signed up and would like an appointment, please see the sign up sheet in the reception.

Have a great weekend.

Ms Nurse

Class Update 29/11/19

Good afternoon everyone,

We have just returned from our class trip and we had a great day. The children have been doctors, boat drivers, juice makers, magicians, actors and more.

20191129_113037 20191129_122157 20191129_114656 20191129_124019 20191129_124420 20191129_134518 20191129_140440 20191129_143106 20191129_144629 20191129_144655 1575008386018 1575008392615 1575008394892 1575008397858 1575013195518 1575013218824

This week in class, we have also been learning about poetry. The children have enjoyed listening to, reading and performing poems about Autumn. In maths, we have been learning about length and height. We used metres and centimetres to measure objects and even measured ourselves!

20191128_110147 20191128_094939 20191128_094620 20191128_094520 20191128_094449 20191128_094345 20191128_094232 20191128_094135 20191128_093139 20191128_092858 20191128_092855

We have also been busy making our winter crafts.

20191126_141732 20191126_141725 20191126_141723 20191126_141721 20191126_141714

After a very long day, I hope that you all have a restful weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week!

Ms Nurse

Class Update 22/11/19

Good afternoon everyone,

This week in Year 1/2, we have been learning about money. We began by talking about money and talked about the different currency which is used in different countries. We then used pounds and pence to learn about the value of money and ordered the coins from the least value to the most. We have practised adding coins to make a total and giving change.

20191119_093952 20191119_094008 20191119_094010 20191120_095251 20191120_095308 1574405599583 1574405596581

As part of our IPC topic, we have been learning about different jobs. This week, we have been learning about people’s jobs in the past. We found out about Florence Nightingale and how her job helped change the way that we live our lives today. In Literacy, we used non-fiction books to find out about her and wrote a biography about her life.

Today, we had lots of fun learning how to program a bee-bot. We gave the bee-bot simple instructions using different directions and moved the bee-bot to different places.

1574405621732 1574405618776 1574405614224 1574405612223 1574405606938 1574405604789 1574405602486 20191122_144503

20191122_144435 20191121_150538 20191121_150533

Next week is the Year 1/2 class trip to Kidzania. Please remember to pack a snack, water bottle and a healthy lunch. Don’t forget that the trip will be back later than the usual school finishing time so you will need to make arrangements to collect your child from school at 4:50 pm.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Ms Nurse

Class Update 15/11/19

Hi everyone, I hope you have had a great week. This week at HFS , we had our first Spelling Bee competition. Thank you to everyone who took part and a special well done to our two finalists who were very brave in the Spelling Bee this week.

KakaoTalk_20191114_081408476_03 KakaoTalk_20191114_081408476_17 KakaoTalk_20191114_081408476_18

In IPC, we have been learning about different jobs and the people who help us. We wrote a questionnaire and interviewed the staff in school to find out about their jobs and what they do. We have also been learning about labels and captions. The children were very excited to get their own laptops in class and we played a game where they could label different people and their jobs, such as police officers, doctors and firefighters. We then learnt how to write a caption and made our own non-fiction texts about people who help us.

1573787779725 1573787775399 1573787769609 1573787765320 1573787761561 1573787758986 1573787755831 20191113_105910 20191113_105907 20191113_105904 20191113_105753 20191113_105746

In Maths, we have been learning about the value of different numbers. We have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones and making and continuing number sequences by counting on or back from different numbers. We have also been learning how to spell numbers as words.

20191114_092410 20191114_092407 20191114_092403

In P.E, the children have been practising balancing. Here are some pictures of them trying to balance with a beanbag on their head. 1573798485152 1573798483601 1573798481849 1573798480333 1573798478663 1573798476999 1573798475089 1573798473268

I hope you have a great weekend.

Ms Nurse

Class Trip Permission Form

On Friday 29th November, the Year 1-2 students will enjoy a spectacular trip to Kidzania in Busan as part of their IPC  learning unit on a day in the life. At Kidzania, the students will get hands-on experience performing different jobs in a fun-filled environment. HFS can secure a discount and make a contribution towards the entrance fee but the trip will cost 25, 000 Won per child. However, we need to book tickets soon to secure this price. Please complete the online permission form before Monday at 12:00pm below if you agree to make that payment and wish to allow your child to attend the trip. It will be a full-day trip and, to maximize the experience for the children, the students will return to the school at 4:50 pm to be collected by their parents. Here is the permission form.

Class Update 08/11/19

Welcome back, I hope everyone enjoyed the break and is ready for the new half term. This week, we are happy to welcome a new student into year 1!

This term, our topic for IPC is ‘A Day in the Life’. We began our topic by looking at different uniforms for different types of jobs and considering what these people do. We have also been learning about place value and looking at how much each digit is worth in a 2-digit number.

This week, we took part in our class Spelling Bee and got a class winner. The final of the spelling Bee will be on November 13th. Please could the finalists practise their spelling words ready for this date. Here is a list of the spelling words. 

KakaoTalk_20191108_154517233 KakaoTalk_20191108_154516348 KakaoTalk_20191108_154515362 KakaoTalk_20191108_154514856 KakaoTalk_20191108_154513985 KakaoTalk_20191108_154512766 KakaoTalk_20191108_154511974 KakaoTalk_20191108_154510960 20191108_135718 20191108_135715 20191108_135712 20191108_135639 20191108_135623 20191108_135619 20191108_092415 20191108_092411