Year 2/3 Update Week 5

This has been a short but busy week where we have learnt a lot of new and exciting things.

In Math we started with a new topic all about data handling and collection. We learned how to do tally tables as well as use this data to draw up pictographs. We also learned how to read and interpret pictographs.

In English started on Monday reading and looking at the wonderful illustrations of Anthony Browne in preparation for our visit to the Hyundai art center next week. The students also wrote their final draft of their traditional tales and started to type them out in preparation to publish their stories. They also completed their illustrations to add to the final product.

In IPC we finished our unit on Inventions that changed the world by learning about some lesser known inventors who invented everyday objects that has really made a difference in the world.

We also started our New topic on How Humans Work by seeing what we know already about the human body.

In preparation for Seolal we also made Paeng-i (팽이) and played some traditional Korean games and some students dressed up on Hanbok.

Happy Lunar New Year and enjoy the long weekend.