Year 2/3 update – Week 16

This week in Math we continued practicing using addition and subtraction in solving word problems. The students did one and two step problems that involved addition, subtraction and mixed operations.

We finished the week learning how to use a simple sypher code to get the answers to some Christmas riddles.

In English we are still working on Poetry and different aspects of poems. We analyzed some poems and saw why the poems was written a certain way as well as the meaning intended in the poems. We then started our writing process of writing our own wintery poems. We also worked on finding words that rhyme and writing quick fire funny poems using these words.

During IPC we broadened our international mindedness by finding out about pan flutes from around different parts of the world. We combined this with ICT in making slide presentations and presenting it to the class.

We also continued with our musical theme by learning how a xylophone work and produce different sounds, as well as “learning” a few songs. We also compared the different notes of a piano to those of a xylophone.

During PE we played different ball games as well as working on our balance and coordination. The students were also very keen to showcase their special abilities while we did some mat work in the gym.

As always we had a lot of fun while learning new and exciting things. Unfortunately due to the increased number of COVID cases the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education require us to start with online teaching from Monday. The students have taken their books and some materials as well their laptops home to help make this online process as smooth as possible.

They all reminded to be ready to go online at 8:55 Monday.

And since our end of year Winter show has been postponed we will be having an online class party on Friday.