Year 2/3 update – Week 15

During math this week we finished with our unit on measurement by reading time of a clock and using different ways to say the time from different parts of the world.

We moved on to solving problems using numbers by starting with addition and subtractions facts and learning ho to add and subtract two and three digit numbers. We are also working on improving our speed while remaining accurate when doing addition and subtraction.

In English learnt about poems that are based on observations and our senses. We started by reading and then writing shape poems.

A collection of our shape poems

We also used our senses to listen and read to a poem about the big green giant and then drew what we saw in our imaginations. Learning more about the descriptive power of words.

We are also continuing to practice improving our hand writing and working on improving our spelling.

In IPC we had lots of hands on activities learning about sound and light.

We observed the movement of a shadow during the course of the day to see how the position and length of the shadow changes during the course of our school day. We also made shadow puppets to see how the position of the shadow puppet relative to the light affect the size of the shadow it makes.

For out technology component of IPC we made Pan Pipes from every day materials, and observed how the different lengths of tube changes the pitch of the note. The students enjoyed making the pan pipes as well as trying to play a tune on them.

During PE we continued to do some basic gymnastics practicing some rolls, jumps and some ground work.

We also played some kick ball where we put to practice last weeks hand eye and foot and eye coordination.