Year 2/3 Class update – Week 14

This week we started a new unit for IPC “Turn It Up” where we explore sounds and lights and how we perceive them.

It started with an introductory lesson that had the students using loads of different musical instruments and lights to get them interested and thinking about the new unit.

We also made string telephones to see that sound is transmitted through different substances and better through some than others.

In Math we continued to hone our skills and improve out knowledge about measuring, moving on from volume to time and all the different formats it can be displayed in. We also did our weekly multiplication races where students compete against themselves to see how much they can improve their multiplication scores.

In English we worked through the writing process to complete and “publish” the final set of instructions. The students are learning about the importance of planning and revising their work before writing a final piece of work that is ready for someone else to read.

We also are continuing to work on our pencil control and handwriting as well as improving our spelling.

During PE we had fun while moving around and doing some hand eye coordination and aiming games.