Year 2/3 Class Update – Week 13

This slightly shorter week we continued to work on improving our skills and learning new and exciting things.

In Math we continued with our unit on measurement using different types of measuring instruments to measure length and practicing to convert between mm, cm and m.

We also learned about scales to measure weight and how to use measuring cylinders and jugs to measure in ml.

And as usual on Wednesday we had our self improvement competition doing Multiplication races.

In English we continued to refine our instruction giving and learning about the importance of giving clear and accurate instructions. We also looked at some recipes and identified key features of instructions.

We also are working hard on improving our handwriting and spelling as a fundamental skill in improving our English ability.

In IPC we discussed different games from our home countries and Korea and how push and pull forces are involved in these games.

We then proceeded to “invent” new games and toys that make use of the forces that we have learned about.