Year 2/3 Class Update – Week 12

After settling in and watching Mr Green last week, it was time to take over at the rocking Year 2/3 class. 

I already feel very welcome in the class and we jumped straight into learning loads of new things and developing some new skills.

In maths we learned about measurements, and more specifically length. We started off by finding a way to measure and make a shape on the floor in a different location. 

After that we learned some of the different units we use in measuring length and had loads of hands on practice performing this skill.

In English we continued learning about instructions, including the importance of the correct order when giving and following instructions. We also practiced giving instructions by building different shapes in pairs. 

We are currently also working on our penmanship by practicing proper pencil technique and fine motor skills of writing.

On Friday everyone got the opportunity to share with the class instructions on how to do something they liked.

Continuing with the theme of Push Me, Pull Me in IPC and the students performed an experiment on how different heights of the ramp will affect the distance their selected cars travel down the ramp. Our improved measuring skill came in useful during this experiment. 

The effects of air and water and how they act as pushing and pulling forces were also investigated, with much enthusiasm and excitement

On Friday it was time to put our knowledge to the test by saving some stranded paper clips from a height and delivering them safely on the floor, the students had some creative, if not always successful ideas as to how to achieve this goal.

During PE we first worked on our hand-eye coordination by practising some basketball skills and then we took advantage of the nice weather to practice some football (soccer) on the pitch outside.

What a great week!