That’s a wrap! Thank you and Farewell from Mr K

Dear Parents and children,

I can’t believe the day is here. It has been such a joyous time teaching at HFS these past few years,. The students have all etched themselves into my heart and memory. What an awesome farewell. I truly feel special. Thank you to everyone for their kind words and generosity. I will miss you all and I will treasure the time that I spent at HFS forever.

“Our “World” Habitats on display

Thank you to the rocking 2-3’s for being such amazing, hardworking and diligent students. you have really worked hard and made outstanding work.

This week we learned the features of and how to write explanations, linking with our math to produce explanations of symmetry and writing explanations of habitats for our 3D habitat diorama’s.

Looking at Explanations
Learning the Features of an Explanation

In Math we continued with Geometry, this week learning about quadrilaterals and looking at Symmetry in 2D shapes and pictures and then progressing to 3D shapes. The students learned about horizontal and Vertical symmetry and how to create a symmetrical picture in Microsoft Paint.

Making Quadrilaterals with String
Vertical Symmetry
Making Our Pictures Symmetrical
Finding Symmetry in Pictures
Making Symmetrical Pictures in Paint
Ryan’s Symmetrical Self Portrait

In IPC we completed our presentations from our AR research and made them into posters.

Researching with AR
Presenting Our Projects
Powerful Presenting
Presenting our Projects

We ended off the IPC unit “Our World” by making wonderful 3d Habitat diorama’s and wrote explanations to go with them.

Making a Habitat
Jungle Habitat

We also celebrated Clare’s Birthday on Thursday – Thank you for the treats Clare!

Happy Birthday Clare
Birthday Treats from Clare

The highlight of the week was Scary Dress up day. The students all had amazing costumes.

Thank you to my superterrificawesometastic year 2-3 students. I will never forget you.

Mr. Kearney