Week 9 News and Update

Wow, it has been a full week of learning in the Year 2-3 Class. This is what we have been up to.

The students conducted their assembly on curiosity and it went excellently. Well done to all the year 2-3 students for putting on an impressive display of what it means to be curious. Their performance of the “Greek God Rap” was superb as well.

Presenting Our Assembly on Curiosity

In class this week we did a lot of work. We continued learning about dictionaries and word meanings in English and learned ai /ay/ei word sounds in phonics. In grammar we had fun learning about compound words.


In Math we continued with our Geometry unit, focusing on position and direction. We discovered that right angles can be viewed as 1/4, 2/4 3/4 turns, understanding clockwise and anticlockwise. We then progressed on to giving directions using the correct terminology of North, South, East and West and looking at grid reference points on a map. The students had fun playing pirates looking for treasure.

Giving Directions
Looking for pirate Treasure on a Map
Using a Map

IPC was the most exciting this week as the students each adopted a flowering plant to take care of. They gave their plants a name and will water and nurture their plants in the coming weeks.

Adopting our plants
Taking Care of our Plants
Ryan being a Horticulturalist

We also stimulated our curiosity and had fun using the Augmented Reality software to research facts about a country of our choosing.

Using AR for Learning
Being Curious with Technology and Learning

The students worked in pairs and compiled the information they researched into creating Google slide Presentations.

Working Together to Make a Slide Projects
Pair Project Work

We also used an Atlas to learn about the Continents and Oceans. We learned a song to help us remember the names of the 5 Oceans. Ask your child to sing it to you.

Learning about Our World’s Continents and Oceans
Learning the Oceans and Continents
Labeling the Continents and Oceans

A full week of curiosity, exploration and discovery in the year 2-3 class. That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney

Week 8 – Back to School and Welcome Seoa

It is great to be back after the Autumn break and wonderful to welcome Seoa Kim to the Year 2-3 class! She is settling in nicely.

Welcome to Year 2-3 Seoa!

In Class this week we have been busy. In English, the students “Wrapped-up” their Mythology unit by learning their Greek God Rap for our assembly next week. We also started our new unit on dictionaries by practicing putting words into alphabetical order and looking up words in a dictionary. We had a fun scavenger hunt activity around the school looking for the meanings of words.

Hunting for words
Looking for Clues
Scavenger Hunt

In Maths we also started a new unit, Geometry, first revising the properties of 2D shapes in terms of sides and vertices. We learned about regular and irregular polygons and then progressed on to learning about the different angles in shapes – acute, obtuse, and right angles. We ended the week by learning how to measure angles with a protractor. Very advanced work which the year 2-3’s excelled in.

2D Shape review
Finding Right Angles
Finding Angles All Around Us
Right Angles are Everywhere
Measuring Angles

In IPC we continued our unit on “Our World”, this week focusing on habitats. We took advantage of the HFS surroundings and took note of the different habitats that are in our immediate locale. The students compared 2 different habitats understanding that living things need food and water, shelter, and a safe place to raise their young in order for a habitat to be ideal. We also understood that different animals are suited to their different habitats and vice versa. We read the book “After the Storm” by Nick Butterworth and designed effective habitats for the animals that needed them after the storm destroyed their tree habitat.

Understanding Habitats
Group Work
Making a Slide Show

In ICT the students worked on creating a Google Slideshow for their assembly next week and learned how to add animations to their slides.

We also practiced our assembly and the students are excited about conducting their first assembly for the school next week.

It has been a full week of learning and fun. Have a wonderful weekend

Mr. Kearney