Week 6 – Have a great Autumn Break!

Performing The Story of the Rabbit in the Moon

Dear Parents and Children,

It is a short week but the students have been busy. we had a great time celebrating Chuseok yesterday and the students performed their play excellently.

Playing Korean Games
Korean Games
Spinning Top

We also enjoyed playing traditional Korean games in the gymnasium to pay homage to this important cultural holiday.

In English, we completed the beginning of our Myth stories and planned the middle and ending, understanding that every story has a hero and the hero has a problem that he or she needs to solve by the end of the story. I am so impressed with their creativity and writing ability, Well done Year 2-3’s.

Math Board Games

In Math, we had fun revising all that we have learned this term and played some addition and subtraction board games as a reward.

We were very lucky and grateful to receive lovely gift packs from the UNESCO Team who put on the fantastic exhibition of martial arts in our assembly. Thank You!

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful Autumn break and we will see you bright and early on Monday 12 October.

Mr. Kearney

Week 5 Update and Happy Chuseok!

Dear Parents and Children,

It has been a busy week in the Year 2-3 class. We have covered a lot of learning material.

Feeling Curious

In English this week the students got really creative and, using the adjectives that we learned last week, created amazing character and setting descriptions for their Myth story. We took a walk to the school surroundings to stimulate our imaginations for our settings, thinking about our senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and how different settings make us feel..

Senses and Settings

For our character descriptions, we linked with our ICT for the week and built avatars based on the descriptions we wrote.

Creating Character Descriptions
Creating our Myth Hero

In Math we continued our exploration of calculations and the number system, this week focusing on strategies for mental addition. The students learned that when adding a series of numbers, it is easier to find pairs that make 10 first and then add numbers to that. We then applied that to finding number bonds to 100 using number lines and had fun creating number sentences with math triangles.

Adding Within 20
Number Triangles
Finding the missing Number
Making Number Sentences with Number Triangles
Interactive Addition
Our World of Trees
Exploring Trees

In IPC we took advantage of the school surroundings to explore “Our World”. The students looked at the variety of trees in our area and labeled the different parts. We also looked at the different living things that are found on trees.

We followed this up with a lesson on the 7 life processes. Ask your child about Mrs. Gren and the different processes that all living things share.

We ended the week by acting out the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and practicing our punctuation skills for our grammar.

Greek Myth Play – Theseus and the Minotaur

The students also learned how to play scrabble to develop their word skills.

Playing Scrabble

In P.E. we practiced our football dribbling.

Premier League Pro’s

It has been a fun week of learning and I look forward to our Chuseok presentation on Monday and seeing students in their traditional outfits.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney

Week 4 Update and Happy Birthday David

Dear Parents and Children,

It has been a great week full of learning in the Year 2-3 class. There is much that I wish to share with you.

Observing our pets
Feeding Time

This week we were lucky to have the school turtles join us in class. The students were enthralled to watch them and feed them.

Balancing the scales
Balancing number sentences
David has a great sense of balance

In Math, we continued with number and problem solving, this week we learned about balanced number sentences and used scales and blocks to prove this. We moved on to learning our addition and subtraction facts to 20 and making number bonds to 100 using multiples of 5 on a number line. The students are getting good at reciting their 5 times table to 100. they can do it in 14 seconds!

Number bonds to 100
Number Bonds to 100
Making the moon

In English we continued with our unit on Greek Myths, this week we learned about Mythical beasts and created our own. We also worked on our Chuseok play, creating our backdrop.

In IPC we started our new unit “Our World”. the entry point was a fun scavenger hunt around the school looking for places that we don’t normally notice.

Scavenger Hunt
Looking at Our Global Community

We continued this by looking at our environment and learned about Andy Goldsworthy’s Magical land art.

Looking for objects to make art

We followed this up with a lesson about arranging found objects into patterns that we see in nature such as spirals and circles.

Making Art Patterns
Making Art Patterns
Being creative
A smiley face

In P.E. we continued with our dribbling skills and in ICt we practiced typing and created our Scratch class. We will be working on Scratch projects in the coming weeks.

We ended off the week with a lovely show and tell fro Clare and celebrating David’s birthday – Have a great day, David!

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr Kearney

Week 3 Update – Farewell Lynn

Dear Parents and Children,

It has been a short but eventful week in the Year 2-3 class. We covered a lot of work in spite of the typhoon causing the school to close on Monday.

Farewell Lynn!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Lynn Choi this week as she and her sister depart HFS. We enjoyed having her in our class and wish them both luck and happiness at their new school. We will miss you!

In our learning this week we did a lot of work.

Nouns, Verbs, and adjectives Interactive Game

In English, we continued with our unit on Myths. We read the story of Pegasus and learned about mythical beasts and monsters. Some are good, like pegasus and some are bad like Chimera. We also looked at the different characters in a myth, in this story Bellerophon is the Hero.

Talking about Mythical Greek Gods
Talking about Mythical Greek Gods
making our greek Gods Poster

We had a lot of fun learning about the different Greek Gods and made a poster for our display. The students learned a rap rhyme to remember some of the many Greek Gods.

Place Value

In Math, we progressed on to 4 digit numbers and place value. We also learned how to partition 3 digit numbers and played card games where we made addition and subtraction calculations using place value.

We came to the end of the IPC Brainwave unit as the students consolidated all of their learning about the brain into creating Google Slide presentations. We linked in with our ICT and learned how to add a picture to our slides.

Learning how to dribble

In P.E. we started a new fundamental skill of dribbling with our feet as in football or soccer. The students did quite well in learning to control the ball with their feet and navigate around cones.

Sorting Nouns verbs and Adjectives
Interactive Games

We were very lucky to have our new student, Chaeeun, visit us on Friday. Welcome to the Rocking 2-3’s Chaeeun! We had a blast learning about nouns, verbs, and adjectives for our English Grammar lesson. We also started our new IPC Unit – “Our World” by exploring the things around the school that we see every day but might not notice. It was n exciting scavenger hunt that the whole class enjoyed.

It was a week full of learning and fun and we shall see what next week holds in store for us.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mr. Kearney

Week 2 Update

Hello, Rocking 2-3’s!

Mr K reading “Pandora’s Box

I am so glad that we have been able to do so much learning this week despite the typhoon’s interruption. The year 2-3’s are doing such good work, I am so proud.

Learning “ee” “ea” words
Choosing a question from our “Curiosity Box”
Acting out our “ee” “ea” words
Reading different Myths

In English we started our new unit on Myths, focusing on famous greek myths and learning the story of Pandora’s Box. We looked at a few different Greek Myths to see what they had in common.

Number Lines

In Math, we continued with learning place value of 3 digit numbers and ended up with fun activities on partitioning into hundreds, tens, and units.

We completed our IPC unit on “Brainwave” by consolidating all our learning into starting a google slide presentation. The students will describe what a brain is and the different parts that control different things that we do. We also learned about different kinds of memory and what reflex actions are, testing these with fun activities.

All logged in

In ICT we all made sure that we could log in and access the Google Classroom for our online learning on Monday since the building will be closed because of the oncoming typhoon.

We had fun practicing our throwing and itching skills in P.E and learned a new game based on “Duck Duck Goose”

It was a fun week of learning and I will see the students on Monday for E-Learning.

That is all for this week. Have a great weekend!

Mr Kearney