Welcome to Mr. K’s Rocking 2-3 class!

Welcome to Mr Kearney’s Rocking Year 2-3 class. We have gotten off to an excellent start with this week.

We started by writing about ourselves in our English and Math books.

in Math this week, we started by practicing counting from 1 to 100 and back reviewed place value up to three digits, Units – Tens and Hundreds. We then moved on to comparing and ordering numbers, understanding greater than and smaller than.

We are getting good at writing from 1 to 100 in under 5 minutes

In English we learned about recounts, understanding that recounts must have information about “who, what, when, where, why, and be written with past tense verbs. The students also learned about using time words to order their recounts. We did a recount of “The three little Pigs” We reviewed our phase 2 phonics and high-frequency words. We ended off the week by writing in our journals.

the students acted out “The Three Little Pigs”

In IPC we started the “Brainwave” Unit by learning about what the brain does. The students put forth some interesting questions which we will explore as we go deeper into the unit. We looked at a model of a Brain and the students were enthralled to learn how soft and squishy a brain is. We learned that the brain has 2 sides, left and right, that control different things and that the brain stem helps with our breathing, heart rate, and digestion, and the cerebellum sends messages and helps with balance.

We were very busy in ICT as the students learned how to login to their Google accounts and find our google classroom. We used ClassDojo to take photo’s and practiced correct finger placement on the home row for typing.

In P.E. we practiced fundamental skills of throwing and catching small and large balls individually and in pairs and groups. We also practiced throwing at targets accurately.

It has been a fun week of learning and an amazing start to the new year.

Mr. Kearney