Welcome back! Term 2 Week1

Welcome back, I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable break. 

Unfortunately we could not start the new term back in class due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. But we made the best of staying safe at home, and doing online classes. But we are very excited to be back in class again on Monday.

We also welcomed Leo, to the class as a few children moved classes to aid and benefit them.

The new term meant new topics and we started straight out of the blocks in Math with numbers and problem solving. This week we learned to round to the nearest ten as well as doubling and halving numbers. We also continued with multiplication races and addition and subtraction facts to make sure we master the basics of math.

During English we started with Traditional tales from different cultures, answering some questions about the tales as well as looking a similarities and differences in the tales. We also looked at the correct way to write adjectives when comparing things, as well as the use of possessive apostrophes.

Students should remember about their spelling test on Monday.

During IPC we looked at Inventions that Changed the world. We did research on different Great Thinkers, inventions and inventors and how their inventions still influence us to this day. We also looked at the history of flight and made gliders that we will be testing out on Monday.

We also made some time for physical activity doing some PE and learnt how to make a quiz using Google forms in ICT.

That’s all for this week, see you all on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Year 2/3 update – Week 16

This week in Math we continued practicing using addition and subtraction in solving word problems. The students did one and two step problems that involved addition, subtraction and mixed operations.

We finished the week learning how to use a simple sypher code to get the answers to some Christmas riddles.

In English we are still working on Poetry and different aspects of poems. We analyzed some poems and saw why the poems was written a certain way as well as the meaning intended in the poems. We then started our writing process of writing our own wintery poems. We also worked on finding words that rhyme and writing quick fire funny poems using these words.

During IPC we broadened our international mindedness by finding out about pan flutes from around different parts of the world. We combined this with ICT in making slide presentations and presenting it to the class.

We also continued with our musical theme by learning how a xylophone work and produce different sounds, as well as “learning” a few songs. We also compared the different notes of a piano to those of a xylophone.

During PE we played different ball games as well as working on our balance and coordination. The students were also very keen to showcase their special abilities while we did some mat work in the gym.

As always we had a lot of fun while learning new and exciting things. Unfortunately due to the increased number of COVID cases the Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education require us to start with online teaching from Monday. The students have taken their books and some materials as well their laptops home to help make this online process as smooth as possible.

They all reminded to be ready to go online at 8:55 Monday.

And since our end of year Winter show has been postponed we will be having an online class party on Friday.

Year 2/3 update – Week 15

During math this week we finished with our unit on measurement by reading time of a clock and using different ways to say the time from different parts of the world.

We moved on to solving problems using numbers by starting with addition and subtractions facts and learning ho to add and subtract two and three digit numbers. We are also working on improving our speed while remaining accurate when doing addition and subtraction.

In English learnt about poems that are based on observations and our senses. We started by reading and then writing shape poems.

A collection of our shape poems

We also used our senses to listen and read to a poem about the big green giant and then drew what we saw in our imaginations. Learning more about the descriptive power of words.

We are also continuing to practice improving our hand writing and working on improving our spelling.

In IPC we had lots of hands on activities learning about sound and light.

We observed the movement of a shadow during the course of the day to see how the position and length of the shadow changes during the course of our school day. We also made shadow puppets to see how the position of the shadow puppet relative to the light affect the size of the shadow it makes.

For out technology component of IPC we made Pan Pipes from every day materials, and observed how the different lengths of tube changes the pitch of the note. The students enjoyed making the pan pipes as well as trying to play a tune on them.

During PE we continued to do some basic gymnastics practicing some rolls, jumps and some ground work.

We also played some kick ball where we put to practice last weeks hand eye and foot and eye coordination.

Year 2/3 Class update – Week 14

This week we started a new unit for IPC “Turn It Up” where we explore sounds and lights and how we perceive them.

It started with an introductory lesson that had the students using loads of different musical instruments and lights to get them interested and thinking about the new unit.

We also made string telephones to see that sound is transmitted through different substances and better through some than others.

In Math we continued to hone our skills and improve out knowledge about measuring, moving on from volume to time and all the different formats it can be displayed in. We also did our weekly multiplication races where students compete against themselves to see how much they can improve their multiplication scores.

In English we worked through the writing process to complete and “publish” the final set of instructions. The students are learning about the importance of planning and revising their work before writing a final piece of work that is ready for someone else to read.

We also are continuing to work on our pencil control and handwriting as well as improving our spelling.

During PE we had fun while moving around and doing some hand eye coordination and aiming games.

Year 2/3 Class Update – Week 13

This slightly shorter week we continued to work on improving our skills and learning new and exciting things.

In Math we continued with our unit on measurement using different types of measuring instruments to measure length and practicing to convert between mm, cm and m.

We also learned about scales to measure weight and how to use measuring cylinders and jugs to measure in ml.

And as usual on Wednesday we had our self improvement competition doing Multiplication races.

In English we continued to refine our instruction giving and learning about the importance of giving clear and accurate instructions. We also looked at some recipes and identified key features of instructions.

We also are working hard on improving our handwriting and spelling as a fundamental skill in improving our English ability.

In IPC we discussed different games from our home countries and Korea and how push and pull forces are involved in these games.

We then proceeded to “invent” new games and toys that make use of the forces that we have learned about.

Year 2/3 Class Update – Week 12

After settling in and watching Mr Green last week, it was time to take over at the rocking Year 2/3 class. 

I already feel very welcome in the class and we jumped straight into learning loads of new things and developing some new skills.

In maths we learned about measurements, and more specifically length. We started off by finding a way to measure and make a shape on the floor in a different location. 

After that we learned some of the different units we use in measuring length and had loads of hands on practice performing this skill.

In English we continued learning about instructions, including the importance of the correct order when giving and following instructions. We also practiced giving instructions by building different shapes in pairs. 

We are currently also working on our penmanship by practicing proper pencil technique and fine motor skills of writing.

On Friday everyone got the opportunity to share with the class instructions on how to do something they liked.

Continuing with the theme of Push Me, Pull Me in IPC and the students performed an experiment on how different heights of the ramp will affect the distance their selected cars travel down the ramp. Our improved measuring skill came in useful during this experiment. 

The effects of air and water and how they act as pushing and pulling forces were also investigated, with much enthusiasm and excitement

On Friday it was time to put our knowledge to the test by saving some stranded paper clips from a height and delivering them safely on the floor, the students had some creative, if not always successful ideas as to how to achieve this goal.

During PE we first worked on our hand-eye coordination by practising some basketball skills and then we took advantage of the nice weather to practice some football (soccer) on the pitch outside.

What a great week!

Year 2/3 Class Update – T1W11

This week Mr Green has been teaching the Year 2/3 along with Mr de Klerk. Next week Mr de Klerk will take over.

This week we have had great fun…

  • Learning about money in maths – We learned to count different types of money and work out the correct change, The students were really interested in notes and coins from different countries. We also had a great time making shops and buying and selling things in the classroom. Someone even tried to sell my shoe!
  • Following Instructions in English class – We did lots of hands-on activities to help us learn about how to read and write instructions. We learned how to play games called Achi and Nine-Men’s’ Morris by following the instructions. We also made Newton spinners. On Friday we wrote instructions for human robots to travel around the school. We had to be very careful to count the right number of floor tiles and turn the right direction.
  • Starting a new IPC Unit – This week we started a new IPC unit – Push Me, Pull You. It is all about science and forces. This week we tried to make climbing frogs, balloon rockets and paper helicopters. We talked about the different forces in action.
  • Learning some silly songs and fun games

It has been a busy, exciting week of great learning and Mr de Klerk is looking forward to taking over next week and carrying on the fun.

Mr Green

IPC – Push Me, Pull You

Over the next 4 weeks Year. 2/3  will be following a unit of work on a theme that focuses on ‘Forces’.

This unit of work is part of the International Primary Curriculum. This curriculum sets out very clearly what children will learn – the learning goals – in three different areas:

  • The subjects of the curriculum. The learning goals for each of these subjects are at least as challenging as anything taught in the curriculum in your child’s own country. In many cases, the learning goals are more challenging.
  • Personal development – the characteristics which will help children become more responsible, independent learners.
  • International understanding – which will help children develop both a sense of the independence of their own country and culture and the interdependence between countries and cultures.

Each unit of work is based around specific targets derived from the learning goals for one or more of the subjects.

During this unit we will be focusing on Science, Technology and International.

In Science, we’ll be finding out:

  • About pushes and pulls
  • How to change the speed of a moving object
  • How we use our muscles to push and pull
  • How water is a force that can move things
  • How we can use air to push and pull objects
  • How a magnetic force can push and pull

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to design a game that uses pushes and pulls

That’s a wrap! Thank you and Farewell from Mr K

Dear Parents and children,

I can’t believe the day is here. It has been such a joyous time teaching at HFS these past few years,. The students have all etched themselves into my heart and memory. What an awesome farewell. I truly feel special. Thank you to everyone for their kind words and generosity. I will miss you all and I will treasure the time that I spent at HFS forever.

“Our “World” Habitats on display

Thank you to the rocking 2-3’s for being such amazing, hardworking and diligent students. you have really worked hard and made outstanding work.

This week we learned the features of and how to write explanations, linking with our math to produce explanations of symmetry and writing explanations of habitats for our 3D habitat diorama’s.

Looking at Explanations
Learning the Features of an Explanation

In Math we continued with Geometry, this week learning about quadrilaterals and looking at Symmetry in 2D shapes and pictures and then progressing to 3D shapes. The students learned about horizontal and Vertical symmetry and how to create a symmetrical picture in Microsoft Paint.

Making Quadrilaterals with String
Vertical Symmetry
Making Our Pictures Symmetrical
Finding Symmetry in Pictures
Making Symmetrical Pictures in Paint
Ryan’s Symmetrical Self Portrait

In IPC we completed our presentations from our AR research and made them into posters.

Researching with AR
Presenting Our Projects
Powerful Presenting
Presenting our Projects

We ended off the IPC unit “Our World” by making wonderful 3d Habitat diorama’s and wrote explanations to go with them.

Making a Habitat
Jungle Habitat

We also celebrated Clare’s Birthday on Thursday – Thank you for the treats Clare!

Happy Birthday Clare
Birthday Treats from Clare

The highlight of the week was Scary Dress up day. The students all had amazing costumes.

Thank you to my superterrificawesometastic year 2-3 students. I will never forget you.

Mr. Kearney

Week 9 News and Update

Wow, it has been a full week of learning in the Year 2-3 Class. This is what we have been up to.

The students conducted their assembly on curiosity and it went excellently. Well done to all the year 2-3 students for putting on an impressive display of what it means to be curious. Their performance of the “Greek God Rap” was superb as well.

Presenting Our Assembly on Curiosity

In class this week we did a lot of work. We continued learning about dictionaries and word meanings in English and learned ai /ay/ei word sounds in phonics. In grammar we had fun learning about compound words.


In Math we continued with our Geometry unit, focusing on position and direction. We discovered that right angles can be viewed as 1/4, 2/4 3/4 turns, understanding clockwise and anticlockwise. We then progressed on to giving directions using the correct terminology of North, South, East and West and looking at grid reference points on a map. The students had fun playing pirates looking for treasure.

Giving Directions
Looking for pirate Treasure on a Map
Using a Map

IPC was the most exciting this week as the students each adopted a flowering plant to take care of. They gave their plants a name and will water and nurture their plants in the coming weeks.

Adopting our plants
Taking Care of our Plants
Ryan being a Horticulturalist

We also stimulated our curiosity and had fun using the Augmented Reality software to research facts about a country of our choosing.

Using AR for Learning
Being Curious with Technology and Learning

The students worked in pairs and compiled the information they researched into creating Google slide Presentations.

Working Together to Make a Slide Projects
Pair Project Work

We also used an Atlas to learn about the Continents and Oceans. We learned a song to help us remember the names of the 5 Oceans. Ask your child to sing it to you.

Learning about Our World’s Continents and Oceans
Learning the Oceans and Continents
Labeling the Continents and Oceans

A full week of curiosity, exploration and discovery in the year 2-3 class. That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney

Week 8 – Back to School and Welcome Seoa

It is great to be back after the Autumn break and wonderful to welcome Seoa Kim to the Year 2-3 class! She is settling in nicely.

Welcome to Year 2-3 Seoa!

In Class this week we have been busy. In English, the students “Wrapped-up” their Mythology unit by learning their Greek God Rap for our assembly next week. We also started our new unit on dictionaries by practicing putting words into alphabetical order and looking up words in a dictionary. We had a fun scavenger hunt activity around the school looking for the meanings of words.

Hunting for words
Looking for Clues
Scavenger Hunt

In Maths we also started a new unit, Geometry, first revising the properties of 2D shapes in terms of sides and vertices. We learned about regular and irregular polygons and then progressed on to learning about the different angles in shapes – acute, obtuse, and right angles. We ended the week by learning how to measure angles with a protractor. Very advanced work which the year 2-3’s excelled in.

2D Shape review
Finding Right Angles
Finding Angles All Around Us
Right Angles are Everywhere
Measuring Angles

In IPC we continued our unit on “Our World”, this week focusing on habitats. We took advantage of the HFS surroundings and took note of the different habitats that are in our immediate locale. The students compared 2 different habitats understanding that living things need food and water, shelter, and a safe place to raise their young in order for a habitat to be ideal. We also understood that different animals are suited to their different habitats and vice versa. We read the book “After the Storm” by Nick Butterworth and designed effective habitats for the animals that needed them after the storm destroyed their tree habitat.

Understanding Habitats
Group Work
Making a Slide Show

In ICT the students worked on creating a Google Slideshow for their assembly next week and learned how to add animations to their slides.

We also practiced our assembly and the students are excited about conducting their first assembly for the school next week.

It has been a full week of learning and fun. Have a wonderful weekend

Mr. Kearney