Term 3 Week 8 Update

Wow, it’s been a busy week. The students did their GL Assessments in Maths and English this week. I am really proud of the effort they put in. It’s not easy writing such long tests at such a young age. The results of the tests are being scored now and we can discuss the results at the parent teacher conferences at the end of term.

In Maths we finished off our unit on data and graphing. The students surveyed the school and found out what the overall favourite animal of the school was (dogs). They learned to read graphs and how to compare two pieces of data within a graph.

In Phonics we started on “Magic E” where we learned that E at the end of a word makes the vowel say its name. We specifically studied Magic E with A and I. Our Word of the Week was “are”.

This week saw the close of our Animal Rescuers unit. We looked at penguins in Antarctica. We finished off by making our very own Google Slides presentations about animals we studied. I’m really proud of how well the students used a Google Image Search and the Slides software on their tablets.

Last week and this week a leveled reading book when home in your child’s homework folder. These books are to be read independently by your child. Please remember to include the books when returning your child’s homework on Wednesday. But these shouldn’t be the only books your child interacts with. Make sure you read your child’s library book with them. It’s OK if they can’t read those independently. Being read to is just as much a part of learning to read as reading independently.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!


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