Term 3 Week 6 Update

Well we made it through our first full week back! Congratulations to all the students for their endurance.

A few housekeeping notes before the update:

Library Books

The students have a library period every Thursday. They are to bring their Book Bags (either a blue or pink folder with handles) and their books so that they can receive new books. Reading is so important at this age so please don’t miss out on this opportunity.


A pink homework folder went home with some work sheets. Homework goes home on Fridays and is due back on Wednesdays. Homework is never meant to be a stressful event. If your child is struggling with the homework, please let me know so I can adapt it appropriately.


Our PE days are Monday and Friday. Please wear your grey PE t-shirts and appropriate bottoms and shoes to be active in.

And now for the update!

In Math we finished up our unit on subtraction. This is still a pretty tricky skill for the students as it is much easier to conceptualise adding more than it is taking away. I really applaud their efforts in learning.

In Phonics we did a review of CH/TH/SH and moved on to the digraph CK. Our Word of the Week was “Come”.

In IEYC we continued our journey around the world as Animal Rescuers. We read a story about a crocodile with a toothache and played a game where we pulled out the crocodile’s bad teeth. We played a jungle animal guessing game before moving on to the African Savannah where we learned people went on safari to see the animals by jeep so we made a jeep and some animal masks. We also practised our fine motor skills by threading the stripes onto very colourful zebras.

That’s all for this week!

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